e-NETSource Equipment Rental

Financing capital equipment needs to be done right to make sure you don’t interfere with your working capital lines.

Core income generating equipment and automation equipment all play an important part in business success and profitability. There are a myriad of financiers in the market – all with different appetites for financing different types of equipment. Our job is to assist you to obtain the very best deals according to your needs.

Equipment we can finance:

  • Electronics and computer hardware
  • Automation and robotic systems
  • Computer software
  • Solar and clean energy
  • Manufacturing and packaging
  • Civil equipment
  • Crane and lifting equipment

How does Equipment Rental work?

When using an Equipment Rental, the financier buys the equipment on behalf of the customer and rents it to them for fixed payments over a fixed period.

The customer simply makes fixed monthly rent payments, and at the end of the contract either hands back the equipment to the financier (with no more to pay), continues the rental agreement or buys the equipment outright at market value.

Tax Benefits of Equipment Rental

Rental equipment is not considered to be an asset and is therefore off the balance sheet.

With Equipment Rental the customer can claim 100% of the rental payments as a tax deduction. This can be more tax effective than other forms of finance where depreciation plus interest costs are claimed, for further details please check with your accountant.

Other benefits of Equipment Rental

  • Costs are known in advance
  • Fixed monthly rentals
  • Fixed interest rates
  • A residual can be applied in some cases, lowering monthly payments

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or would like to know more about Equipment Rental for your business equipment, please contact us on sales@e-netsource.com.

Please note, that equipment rental is available for Australian businesses only.