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Aastra A400 Telephony System

Aastra A400 Communication Server Overview

Aastra A700 Telephony System




The A400 Series Communication Servers

The Aastra 400 series consists of three communication servers:
The Aastra 415, the Aastra 430 and the Aastra 470.

These IP communication servers make all modern business telephony functions and services available. The switchover to IP-based from traditional analogue, digital or ISDN telephony is ensured with a comprehensive offer of fully integrated Media Gateways.
All three communication servers are fitted with the same system software and offer the entire range of functionality.

The Aastra 400 product range includes communication servers, handsets and mobility solutions as well as unified and collaborative communication applications. The communication servers can be expanded for deployment by up to 400 users so are ideal for use in all small and medium-sized businesses. Additionally these communication
systems can be easily and rapidly adapted to new business processes, or expanded accordingly.

Aastra 415 and Aastra 430



The Aastra 415 can be used by any small businesses with up to 12 employees and the Aastra 430 up to 50 employees. Both systems are modular and in principle with an identical structure.



The Aastra 430 - within a network of up to 100 users and 10 different sites also have access to the full range of services. The Aastra 400 systems were designed ideally to be installed in a 19" cabinet.

However, the Aastra 415 and Aastra 430 do not emit any noise and are therefore are also suitable for wall mounting in offices.

Aastra 470



The Aastra 470 is the all-in-one Unified Communications server for companies with up to 400 employees: Aastra 470 can also be fitted with an integrated application server. This
server, which comes pre-installed with various applications, allows new innovative communication services to be seamlessly integrated into the system. For example: multimedia communication, unified communications (voice, e-mail, video, chat, etc.) as well as collaboration.

In a networked system, up to 600 users and 40 different sites can also have access to the full range of services offered by the Aastra 400 communication servers. The basic Aastra 470 comes with 3x1Gbit interfaces for network integration and 4 analogue terminal interfaces. The system also has a real-time display showing the operating status along with other useful bits of information.


A400 Series Communication Servers


Incoming call routing functions
  • Partial re-routing
  • Block incoming calls per user
  • Busy on busy (user with several phones)
  • Calls to users with several terminals (One number concept)
  • Calls to dialler/line key
  • Calls to user groups
  • Direct internal dialling (max.10 DDI plans)
  • Display caller name (CNIP/CONP)
  • Display caller number (CLIP/COLP)
  • Group-dependent call routing (switching groups)
  • Limit simultaneous incoming calls
  • Private call routing
  • Route calls on busy or no answer to alternative destinations
  • Time-dependent call routing (vector groups, switching positions)
  • User group with linear, cyclic and global call distribution

Outgoing call routing functions
  • Group and time-dependent emergency destinations
  • Internal/external line access authorisation per subscriber
  • Outgoing dial with dialler/line key
  • Prioritised trunk allocation
  • Simultaneous outgoing call limitation
  • Speed-dial numbers

Cost control functions
  • Additional price calculator for charge billing
  • Allocate cost charges to cost centres
  • Avoid manual LCR
  • Call logging (CL)
  • Charge data acquisition for private calls
  • Individual charge payment
  • individual charge payment reports
  • LCR fallback to alternative network provider
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Number lock (limit outgoing numbers)

System functions
  • Announcement before answering (group and time-dependent)
  • Auto attendant (IVR)
  • Babyphone
  • DECT solution (integrated)
  • Global/individual VM greeting messages
  • Music on hold
  • Secure fax transmission over IP
  • SIP-DECT solution
  • SMTP client (sending e-mails)
  • Time and date-controlled functions
  • Two-company configuration
  • Voicemail (VM)
  • VM audio guide
  • VM MWI notification via e-mail with attachment
  • VM box for group
  • VoIP voice and signal encryption SRTP/TLS

  • Private networking via ISND (QSIG protocol)
  • Private networking over IP (SIP protocol)
  • Private transparent networking over IP (Aastra Intelligent Network)
  • Private virtual networking via the public ISDN

Application interfaces
  • 1st-party CTI via LAN
  • CSTA III XML interface
  • Hotel Management System interface (Micros FIAS certified)
  • KNX
  • LDAP (server/client)
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010
  • Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 integration (calendar and
  • phone book connection)
  • TAPI (1st party/server)

Hotel functions
  • Automatic check-in/check-out
  • Automatic outward restriction during check-out
  • Automatic phone bill printout
  • Call data recording
  • Hotel management
    • Web-based
    • Based on featurephone
  • Room status
  • Room cleaning indication
  • Wake-up call and indication of unanswered wake-up calls

Features available to the user
  • Absence information
  • Access to system phone book (names/numbers)
  • Activate/deactivate remote maintenance key function
  • Activate red
  • Announcement before answering, record announcement text
  • Answer central alarm
  • Appointment call
  • Assign to cost centre/re-book
  • Automated configuration
  • Automatic software update
  • Brokering
  • Busy lamp field
  • Calls answered from connection
  • Call charge display and call-back
  • Call charge transmission
  • Call connection with delay (line and team keys)
  • Call Deflection - CD
  • Call door terminal
  • Call forwarding (CF); Call forwarding on busy (CFB)
  • Call list(s)
  • Call recording (automatic/manual)
  • Calls to busy subscribers (CCBS) and free subscribers (CCNR)
  • Call transfer with or without notice
  • Call waiting
  • Calling on an external terminal with your own settings
  • Choose internal/external ring tones
  • Conference call
  • Configurable key
  • Control features remotely
  • Control private call routing
  • Control relay (open, close)
  • Deactivating call number display
  • Deflection of voice mail messages
  • Dial exchange access (company, private, with cost centre,
  • targeted route dial, LCR fallback)
  • Dial by name/quick dial
  • Discreet call
  • Do not disturb (call protection)
  • DTMF dialling
  • Duplex mode
  • Emergency call number
  • Emergency / priority line seizure
  • Enquiry
  • Fast take
  • Free seating
  • Follow me
  • HOLD
  • Home alone
  • Indicating new messages
  • Individual call charge payment
  • Intrusion with/without alert tone
  • Leave a message
  • Message LED
  • Open door
  • Parking a call (locally, centrally)
  • Phone lock
  • Pick up call
  • Presence profiles and management (presence)
  • Private call with PIN
  • Record voicemail greeting messages, listen to voice messages,
  • indicate new messages
  • Register malicious calls (MCID)
  • Return to a connection on hold
  • Ring alone
  • Reject call
  • Secret code (remove room-room lock)
  • Send text messages
  • Set system time/date
  • Speed-dial numbers
  • Team keys
  • Take
  • Toggle switching groups
  • Transfer of a call connection without preparation
  • User groups (on/off)

System management services and tool

  • Aastra Management Suite (AMS)
  • Data import/export 
  • DHCP server integrated
  • Licence server for telephony functions and applications
  • Manual/automatic database backup
  • Park Management
  • Remote management accesses via IP/ISDN/analogue lines
  • Self-configuration of Aastra IP and SIP phones
  • System management tasks which can be handled by customers
  • System management web client for installers and customers

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