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Aastra 700

The Open Path to UC and Mobility

The Aastra 700 is the best way to make the move towards IP and Unified Communications to benefit from the productivity, efficiency and unparalleled mobility that comes with it.

Designed specifically to address the needs of small to medium-size businesses. The Aastra 700 lets you build your state-of-the-art IP solution in a remarkably convenient and cost-efficient way. The Aastra 700 gives you the opportunity to get a complete solution focused on IP, mobility and based on the well established Aastra portfolio.

As it is based on industry standards and an open architecture, the Aastra 700 is easy to integrate with your current infrastructure and can be upgraded to suit changing requirements at whatever pace suits you best. So your investments both current and future are fully protected.

Best of all, you get completely integrated mobility: employees working from home or on the road can be reached on the same number and benefit from the same handy, time-saving features as when they are in the office. Yet enabling you to retain complete
control over your communications and your costs.

It's flexible
The Aastra 700 is a complete Unified Communications solution built around you and your communication needs. It extends existing office communication features to the mobile employee, creating real reachability and greater efficiency. Unified Communications
on your terms means that you have one point of contact regardless of device, anytime, anywhere. The Aastra 700 provides you with the flexibility to build a leading edge IP
solution in a cost effective and convenient manner.

Benefits without Limits

  • One point of contact regardless of device
  • Full control of communications and costs
  • Fully integrated mobility
  • Web-based management tool
Ease of use
  • Intuitive to manage and use
  • Ergonomically designed user interface
  • Integrated applications
A wise investment
  • Based on open industry standards
  • Built-in investment protection
  • Based on a strategic platform

Working beyond boundaries

With the Aastra 700 you get a business communications solution that will enable speedy, cost-effective implementation of user-centric Unified Communications. It caters for small and medium-sized enterprises and has the capacity to scale from 50 to 300 users.

It comes to you with a complete suite of integrated applications including unified messaging (voice, fax and chat), soft clients, a web-based user interface, Mobile Extension Client, Automated Call Distribution (ACD), automated attendant, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), conversation recording, and a web-conferencing portal.

The Aastra 700 fully adheres to the truly non-proprietary Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) standard, enabling communication to be user centric. In other words, communication that is purely between people.


The Aastra 700 solution is built to fulfill your communication needs wherever you are, at anytime. With a broad suite of integrated applications you will benefit from a variety of features addressing different needs whether you are in the office or on the move.

The Aastra 700 provides you with user-friendly applications fitting your communication needs. Putting you at the center of communication makes usability an important factor. With this solution you benefit from highly intuitive system management and ergonomically designed user interfaces.

Open to Endless Possibilities
With the Aastra 700 solution you can provide employees with an advanced, secure corporate communication environment in the office, on the move, on any preferred device. As every user often has specific needs and requirements, customizing the solution for each employee so they get exactly what they need to work efficiently is easy from choice of devices to access to different facilities.

It's a wise investment

The Aastra 700 is based on an open architecture. This enables smooth integration with the existing infrastructure and a wide range of third-party applications, like Microsoft OCS 2007, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 UM, IBM Lotus Sametime, and equipment, like SIP gateways, phones etc. The architecture sets you on a secure migration path to interesting new technologies.

The Aastra 700 provides you with a fully-featured and scalable enterprise grade solution. At the same time, in coming releases the solution has no integration limits with existing enterprise applications. In addition, powerful Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) will integrate mobile workers into the solution and equip them with real-time collaboration capabilities.

Making business dollars and sense
Where do you want to take the mobile information workers in your enterprise? Wherever your sights are set, the Aastra 700 Unified Communications solution will get you there.
Even as it works to preserve your existing investments and minimize Total Cost of Ownership. The Aastra 700 with Aastra Mobile Client (AMC) and AMC+ offers an exceptionally fast Return On Investment (ROI) through features like Dynamic Least Cost Routing that routes calls in the most cost-effective manner, especially when users are on
international roaming. The fact that it is easy to manage is also a money-saving feature.

The solution also supports facilities like the Aastra InTouch soft phone that takes advantage of the low costs and high availability of corporate access. So, step up and move to IP with the new Unified Communications bundle Aastra 700.

Aastra 700 Offering

The Aastra 700 is an “all-in-one” solution addressing small and medium-sized enterprises and has the capacity to scale from 50 to 300 users. Based on the well-established Aastra portfolio and consisting of a number of bundled base blocks and a set of optional products. The Aastra 700 combined with its applications gives the right mix of components to provide a complete solution.

Telephony System
The primary building block of the Aastra 700 is the Telephony System. This is the telephony engine of the IP-PBX and consists of a telephony server and a media gateway. Both these components can be easily integrated into your existing IT environment.

Aastra 700 Managers
Manager Provisioning provides a comprehensive solution for handling user service related data. Managers will handle all user and service related tasks for the entire solution from one and the same interface. New users will be defined for all relevant applications, such as CMG and Messaging. There is no need to switch between different tools when defining new users.

OneBox Unified Messaging

This provides you with total control over all your messages. Fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise and offers everything from basic voicemail to a comprehensive unified messaging system.

Contact Management Suite (CMG) - Lite package
This package is based on the Contact Management Suite (CMG) and offers you a wealth of tools like advanced attendant functionality, instant messaging, corporate directories,
call logs and presence profile management. The attendant console CMG NOW Attendant offers efficient support through a large number of integrated functions securing high quality attendant performance.

Office Web and Office Quick are multi-featured  pplications for office users to control how incoming calls are routed, e.g. during a meeting. The applications also provide an on-line directory with access to their colleagues’ activity or presence information. With In-Reach Social Network (SN) you can develop and maintain a professional network within your company. The application allows collaboration with colleagues between working groups, shares information and documents, manages activities and statuses, and performs searches in the corporate directory.

Get Advantage Using Aastra Terminals

As a leading global enterprise communications provider, Aastra delivers business communication solutions that truly shine above the rest. As a part of the solutions, Aastra offers a broad terminal portfolio covering customers' needs in all areas. You as customer can choose from really advanced SIP terminals to more classical analog phones.

Our DECT phone series are a clear choice for demanding office users, but are also developed for use in other types of environments such as hospitals, building places etc. where mobility is key. Or why not to mention Aastra digital phones, successfully sold and established terminals around the world.

A wide spectrum of Aastra terminals
Drawing from our extensive experience in terminal design and combined with thorough end-user research, we have yet taken terminals another step forward in delivering world class usability and efficiency. Aastra terminals are suitable for any office and general enterprise environment, providing optimal support for features implemented in our
advanced communications system. Aastra terminals have an excellent combination
of sound quality and outstanding features with superior ergonomics design: all-in-one.
It is also worth to underline that management of the terminals is an integrated
part of the communication solution.

Aastra 700 Optional Products

Aastra Mobile Clients - AMC and AMC+

With the Aastra Mobile Client (AMC) you get better leverage of your communication system investment for your mobile workforce. AMC is a mobile terminal client creating automatic access to Aastra Mobile Extension service for GSM integration to your Aastra 700 telephony system.

It allows mobile users to use short number and extension dialing in combination with the AMC, for utilizing traditional communication system services as if they were using their normal functions from the desk phone. AMC+ integrates the mobile phone via the user’s SIP extension interface. AMC+ is therefore able to provide some extra services on top of AMC e.g. dual mode, directory search, UC and VoIP security.

Solidus eCare Lite

Solidus eCare Lite offers IP and mobility-enabled contact center solutions for enterprises of all sizes and presents full IP-based contact center capabilities. Solidus eCare Lite comes empowered with Mobile Extension, allowing the contact center agents access to the same functionality regardless of where they are locate, e.g. at the head office premises, branch office premises, and/or at any other remote location.

InTouch Soft Client

The InTouch soft phone is a Unified Communications client that besides offering basic functions, such as placing and receiving calls, enables presence status management and a corporate directory search. InTouch enables your company to extend your capabilities broadly into the enterprise, accessing resources that otherwise would be difficult to include as part of the process.

CMG Calendar Connection
This provides information about your whereabouts and events are automatically transferred from your calendar (e.g. Microsoft Office/Outlook, Lotus Domino/Notes and Novell/Group- Wise) to the CMG, available for attendants, office users, IVR and
Mobile Client.

CMG Visit
This is a sophisticated visit management routine that supports hosting employee, attendant and receptionist, as well as the visitor, giving every visitor the VIP treatment. It
provides tools for visitor management in four steps; preparation through visitor pre-registration, welcoming and registration in the reception, internal hosting and finally reporting. All these steps are integrated with the CMG system.

InConference turns the user extension into a phone conference bridge. The CMG user only needs to set up an activity in CMG or Outlook, called “InConference”, with a duration and a PIN code. Then invited conference attendees simply dial the extension number of the conference organizer and will be routed to the conference bridge and prompted for the PIN code. Easy!

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