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Aastra BusinessPhone

The communication system for small to medium-sized businesses

BusinessPhone combined mobility solutions for your staff in the office or your team out in the field, IP Telephony, Messaging and even Contact Center solutions. You name it, and BusinessPhone has it: So that you have the option of combining one or more solutions of your choice into your BusinessPhone. And getting a tailor-made solution built precisely to your needs.


A family with many members – and many opportunities

BusinessPhone has solutions for businesses with 10 to 300 users. Here is a short introduction to the special strengths of the different members of the BusinessPhone family:

BusinessPhone Compact

The easy solution for enterprises with 10 to 30 users, BusinessPhone Compact is a stylish and handy plug-and-play version housed in a small stylish cabinet with five digital telephones.

BusinessPhone 128i

BusinessPhone 128i is built to match your IP infrastructure. Supplied as a 19-inch system with the
option of accommodating up to 128 users, it can be used for IP telephony as well as classic telephony.

  • Same type of boards and telephones in all systems. The modular approach makes it easy to expand your system as you expand your business.
  • Large system capacity and attractive prices. Small to medium-sized businesses get the right amount of telephony power at the right cost. 
  • Excellent investment protection. If your business grows, you don’t have to start all over again with your telephone systems. BusinessPhone grows with you.
  • Advanced IP telephony. Even very small businesses can utilize the bandwidth in their LAN/WAN

BusinessPhone 50

This is the ideal solution for enterprises with up to 64 users.

BusinessPhone 50 comes in the same cabinet as the stylish compact version but includes two extra slots for additional boards.

BusinessPhone 250

Perfect for enterprises with up to 200 users, BusinessPhone 250 even enables an advanced CallCenter, with the capacity for up to 40 Call Center agents.

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BusinessPhone Management Suite - BMS

A powerful configuration and administration tool

BusinessPhone Management Suite (BMS) is a powerful configuration and administration tool.

It combines the ease of use and access flexibility of a web-based tool with the efficiency of Java programming optimized for BusinessPhone system configuration and management.

BusinessPhone Management Suite (BMS) is a powerful configuration and administration tool. It combines the ease of use and access flexibility of a web-based tool with the efficiency of Java programming.

  • There is no need to install client software — the Management Suite server is accessed using a standard web browser as a client
  • Flexibility of access — users can access the BMS from any PC with an Internet/intranet connection. The BMS server can communicate with the BusinessPhone systems both locally and remotely via V.24, modem dial-up or direct LAN connection
Documentation & Downloads
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BusinessPhone Call Center

Become more responsive

The BusinessPhone Call Center is an auto-attendant that relieves pressure on call center agents.

It has the ability to collect, store and analyze business-critical data, including both real time and historical performances - vital for fine-tuning day-to-day operations and long-term planning.

Elements of BusinessPhone Call Center:

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
    Integrated in the Business Phone core system, directs calls to the most appropriate call handling group, thereby enhancing communications and customer service.
  • Business Phone Call Center Supervisor
    A Windows-based information management system that provides the supervisor with specialist software support to monitor and assist call-handling agents. The software also collects, analyzes and presents call data, giving you vital overviews of operational and commercial performance.
  • Business Phone Call Center Assistant
    Provides a more efficient working environment for agents handling large volumes of incoming or outgoing calls. By putting telephony on the desktop PC, it provides rapid access to relevant data during a call and thereby helps to automate business processes.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
    Provides information on hold, using advanced computer-telephony integration.

BusinessPhone Backstage

Simply effective – enterprise communications for today and tomorrow

A key element of Backstage is the integration with a customer’s infrastructure. This is especially important for examples like Outlook, directories, tools for Customer Relationship Management and web information services.

The supported communication devices are digital, analog and IP phones, cordless and mobile phones. Access is provided via PCs, Terminal Clients, Web browser and Pocket PCs.

BackStage functionality includes business call support, messaging, communication profiles, presence information, team efficiency enhancements and data integration. A key element is the integration with a customer’s infrastructure.

BackStage not only enables your PC with all the enhanced functions of a desktop telephone, it also enables other applications for telephony functions. It integrates data and it provides cordless and mobile phones with convenient and unified handling:

  • Easy Call Management
  • Speech Interaction Integration with Voice Messaging and Unified Messaging
  • Mobile Messaging Services
  • Personal Tools
  • Call Profiles and Routing
  • Group Collaboration
  • Security
  • Integration with other software and data

DRG22i Voice Gateway

Connect analog terminals to your ToIP architecture

The DRG22i is an ATA (Analogue Terminal Adapter) meaning a gateway which allow analogue terminals (phones, faxes, modems) to be connected to an iPbx/gateway through an IP network (LAN or WAN).

DRG22i provides 2  ports to plug analogue phones of faxes and connect them to the IP system as SIP terminals.

This means that each of these analogue terminals is seen as a SIP terminal by the iPbx.

Designed for small sites, remote offices, this is the simplest way to reuse analogue terminals while deploying some telephony over IP (ToIP) solution, and retrieve the services.

DRG22i supports both basic and compressed codec: G.711, G.729A for voice and D711 and T.38 for fax.

The DRG22i is a cost-effective solution easy to deploy in small remote branch offices, which are typically connected via a WAN/IP router to their central office network.

General characteristics

Capacities :

  • 2 Analogue terminals (phones, faxes)

Connectivity :

  • SIP user interface with Aastra iPbx or gateways 
  • Voice codec: G.711, G.729a
  • Fax codec: D.711, T.38
  • VLAN tagging, DiffServ
  • WAN : 1 x 10/100 Base-TX RJ45 connector (max 100m)
  • 2 x RJ11 analogue connectors (max 500 m)

Management :

  • DHCP compatible
  • Embedded web management (configuration, upgrade)
  • Element Manager to centralize the management of a large number of DRG22i
  • SNMP
Documentation & Downloads

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