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Allied Telesis Solutions by Market

Your network is a competitive asset to your business in today’s economy. You need to know that you have the right products to build a network that is innovative, future-proof and focused on the unique needs of your industry.

We offer a full-range of interoperable products that will help you seamlessly connect your customers with their voice, video and data at an affordable price.

Learn more about how we can design a solution focused on your business.

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Solutions for Defense Networks

QoS and security issues are paramount considerations for military networks. Our secure technology solutions are an ideal choice to enhance your network security architecture.

Our IP+ optical solutions, based on Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) technology, form the core of a low-cost, managed platform that supports different services and network topologies while providing industry leading quality of service.

In addition, our intelligent Multiservice Gateways offer advanced security features such as integrated stateful inspection firewall with NAT, denial of service blocking, and port-rate limiting.

Solutions for Education
High-bandwidth, secure networks help deliver advanced teaching and communications tools that benefit students, teachers and administrators. Networks enable virtual online classrooms, laboratories and libraries, remote access to teaching specialists, online announcement systems, automated attendance programs, and nextbgeneration grading systems.

Our high performance, multilayer switching solutions for classrooms, campuses and district offices provide intelligent, scalable and reliable connectivity from 10Mbps to 10Gbps and help put schools in full control of their educational, administrative and security needs.

Solutions for Enterprises
Our multilayer switch and router technology offers advanced features that ensure high-availability, manageability, security, adaptability and performance.

Our intelligent, secure end-to-end IP network infrastructure scales to flexibly accommodate bandwidth-hungry voice, video and data applications into enterprises.

Solutions for Government
Whether you are a federal institution or a state or local government, chances are you're being asked to accomplish more with fewer resources than ever before. It boils down to one question: How can you balance the needs of your constituents with the growing demands of safety, security and budgets?

By employing core-, aggregation- and access-level equipment, Allied Telesis can provide the perfect level of functionality,advanced intelligence, and security at the ideal locations in your network. whether it be and end-to-end fiber or copper system.

Layer 3 switches, and network interface cards (NICs) deliver bandwidth from end-to-end, with reduced overall operating costs and a level of security and reliability suitable for even top-secret classification.

Solutions for Healthcare
When it comes to healthcare, Allied Telesis is the industry leader in providing cost-effective, reliable, secure IP network solutions. 

The healthcare market has unique networking requirements, which require reliable, high performance networks, 24 hours per day, every day of the year. When the welfare of patients is at stake, network failure is not an option. Whether viewing patients' medical records or providing real-time medical services, doctors demand accuracy, speed and clarity while maintaining patients' privacy.

Allied Telesis is a recognized supplier and technology partner for healthcare providers around the globe. The network has become a critical factor in the landscape of patient care. And quality care and affordable healthcare services can only be delivered profitably by utilizing digital technology connected by a secure and reliable IP network.

Allied Telesis network solutions deliver the care needed for optimum outcomes with the most advanced healthcare network.

Solutions for Hospitality

Most hotel rooms have telephone connectivity to each room. Unfortunately, unless the buildings were constructured recently, many do not have any Ethernet cabling installed. Each room can be connected to a central Internet access system.

Allied Telesis VDSL media converters allow the existing installed cable to carry telephony traffic, and also carry new high-speed Internet access. Our PoE series switches can deliver power to each room where the local gateway provides connectivity for VoD and hotel guest services,

Internet access and IP telphones. This can eliminate the considerable cost of recabling the entire building.

Solutions for Industry
An industrial environment demands the highest reliability while facing unique challenges: EMI and radio interference, contaminants, and long cable runs. Our IP/Ethernet solutions, which include media converters, managed switches, and NICs, can help you – we’ve designed them to be resilient, easy to install and manage.

Our managed switches can be configured to take a recovery action if a connection is lost, as well as alert you to the problem. Our media converters are critical components in a network carrying data between sites or over long distances.
Most of our media converters can be deployed with hot swappable power supplies to ensure maximum up-time for your network.

Solutions for IOCs and CLECs
IOCs and CLECs can differentiate themselves by deploying Triple Play services that provide video, voice and data via one access line, together with deployment of fiber optics for the infrastructure.

Our residential service gateways provide true end-to-end differentiation for IOCs, versus legacy ATM/TDM solutions. Together, they make a compelling combination.

Solutions for Municipalities

Many municipalities and cities are building their own funded backbone and access networks to provide high-speed Internet, telephone and video to employees, residents and businesses.

Allied Telesis wired and wireless broadband IP/Ethernet solutions help municipalities and cities to build the most scalable, flexible, and cost-effective voice, video and data infrastructure available today.

Solutions for ROBC and PTT

With competition increasing from all directions, the question is not if you should deploy advanced voice, video and data services, but how to do so. Our Multiservice Access Platform is the foundation for deploying any mix of POTS, ADSL/2+, single/dual strand FTTx or 10/100 Ethernet with carrier-class reliability.

When you add our Ethernet Protected Switch Rings (EPSR) to provide sub-50ms failover in the event of a link failure and an extensive line of GbE video routers, xDSL/ FTTx residential gateways, network management software, mass-provisioning tools, structured wiring systems and OSP cabinets, Allied Telesis is the clear choice.

Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses
Allied Telesis boasts one of the industry's most extensive product line-ups for small and medium-sized businesses seeking affordable and easy-to-deploy wired and wireless products for voice, video and data.

Our switch, router, VoIP and wireless access solutions can be combined to deliver a high performance, feature-rich and flexible solution for a reliable and long-lasting network.

Solutions for TriplePlay - Data, Voice and Video services
By meeting a growing demand from business and residential tenants for bundled voice, video and data services, you can profitably compete with incumbent telephone and cable operators to offer services in your multidwelling or multitenant units.

Our IP/Ethernet solutions help you efficiently consolidate access traffic and offer scalable high-speed services to the residents and companies who share your buildings.

Solutions for Utilities
Many public utilities are investing in technology to deliver backbone services over their fiber plant to local communities and private businesses.

Our IP/Ethernet solutions for FTTx include an end-to-end suite of products optimized to deliver wholesale access, retail services or a combination of both.

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