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Ascom 9d24 Protector MKII ATEX

Intrinsically Safe DECT Cordless Telephone


Safety in Hazardous or Ex areas is a must

Constant technological developments and industrial automation have increased the need for electrical and electronic equipment in hazardous or Ex areas.

It is in the interest of industry, governments and workers that Ex Areas be regulated so as to be as safe as possible.

Safety in hazardous areas is non-negotiable. When equipment is not installed, maintained, inspected or repaired according to strict Ex standards by competent persons, the outcome can be devastating.

What may be tolerable in nonexplosive atmospheres can directly lead to explosions that not only destroy property but can cost human lives or cause severe injuries.

Proof of the right level of protection: IECEx Certified Equipment Scheme

An IECEx Certificate is like a passport for manufacturers of Ex equipment. It provides clear proof of claimed compliance with International Standards.

It certifies that the equipment in question has the right level of protection and gives products access to foreign markets without the burden of repeat testing. It provides assurance that products bearing an IECEx Certificate conform to the International Standards listed on the same Certificate.

Equipment and machinery used by companies operating in hazardous areas have a much higher capital cost than the same equipment used elsewhere. Take a light fitting, for instance.

A typical domestic light fitting costs USD 5 to USD 10 in any shop. The same light fitting for an Ex site would cost from USD 500 to USD 1 000, a hundred times more. That is only a small piece of equipment. Imagine the costs involved for an electric motor operating in an Ex environment. Once purchased and installed, the equipment has to last many years.

Ascom 9d24 Protector ATEX DECT Cordless Telephone

These robust handsets combine versatile telephony and messaging, ensuring reliable access to vital information from building automation systems, production lines, the Internet and intranets, as well as communications with other users.

They are the optimum choice for people working in factories, hotels and hospitals or any workplace where people are constantly on the move and need to communicate with just the touch of a button.


  • Intrinsically Safe
  • Robust, dust proof, waterproof, IP64
  • Push button alarm
  • No-movement, man-down alarms are standard*
  • Large, scratch proof, mechanically protected display
  • Illuminated display and keypad
  • SIM card for identity and personal settings
  • Up to 10 modes with personalized settings        
  • Programmable soft keys for each mode
  • 10 programmable hot keys
  • Manual or automatic keypad lock
  • Time and date indication
  • Ring signal easily silenced
  • Vibration alert
  • Separate loudspeaker for ring signal and loudspeaker function
  • Sending/receiving messages (SMS)**
  • Two different text sizes
  • Headset connector standard, IP64 classified
  • * ATEX Declaration of Conformity Notes:
    • ATEX Quality Assurance Certificate
      • SIRA ATEX M124, Notified Body No. 0518
    • EC Type Examination Certificate
      • Sira 05ATEX2310
    • The marking of the equipment include the following:
      • II 2G EEx iB IIC T4
      • II 3D Ex ibD 22 IP64 T50 °C
    • The product complies with the following standards
      • EN 50014 1997+A1-A2
        • Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres General Requirements
      • EN 50020:2002
        • Electrical apparatus for potential explosive atmospheres intrinsic safety “i”
      • IEC 61241-0:2004 + C1
        • Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust – Part 0: General requirements.
      • IEC 61241-11:2005
        • Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust – Part 11: Protection by intrinsic safety “iD”.
      • IEC 60529 2001
        • Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)
  • Further support notes:
    • Compatible with Ascom/Ericsson DCT1800 and DCT1800-S "Bolt-On" cordless systems, including Ericsson MD110 Consono PABX, BusinessPhone BP Compact, BP50, BP128i, BP150 & BP250 PABX / telephone systems.
    • ** Some features are system dependable.

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