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Emerson Network Power UPS Solutions


Emerson Network Power AC Power/UPS,
Uninterrupted power, power distribution, and enclosure solutions keep IT systems running.

Emerson Network Power provides innovative solutions and expertise in areas including AC and DC power and precision cooling systems, embedded computing and power, integrated racks and enclosures, power switching and controls, infrastructure management, and connectivity.

Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR), is the global leader in enabling Business Critical Continuity™ from grid to chip for telecommunication networks, data centers, health care and industrial facilities.

Sustain critical operations that simply can’t go down. Emerson Network Power delivers a full range of Liebert uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) and power distribution units (PDU), from individual data center solutions to integrated systems that keep network closets, computer rooms and data center infrastructure up and running.

  • Rackmount UPS (0~3kVA) for desktops, servers, telecom closets
  • Desktop UPS (3~20kVA) with completely redundant system controls, power modules, battery modules and monitoring options
  • Network UPS for on-line protection of network servers, bridges, hubs, routers, storage devices and critical workstations
  • Large Facility UPS with continuous availability for large data centers and facility-wide protection of sensitive electronics
  • Dual-UPS Systems in Parallel
  • Power Distribution
  • Rack PDUs

All solutions are supported globally by local Emerson Network Power service technicians.

Micro UPS

The UPS should be able to provide enough back-up time for a graceful shutdown of the protected equipment.

For PCs or workstations where downtime is tolerable, but data loss must be avoided.
  • Liebert PSP
    • Liebert PSP is a Best Value UPS that delivers cost-effective power protection in a compact package.
  • Liebert PSA
    • The Liebert PSA is an economical, environmentally-friendly line-interactive UPS that offers full- featured power protection for small office computers and electronic equipment.

Small UPS

Network/Rack UPS
Network Protection

The UPS may require extended battery time to provide adequate ride-through of shorter outages, as well as enough time for a graceful shutdown of the system in the event of an extended loss of utility power.

True on-line protection for network servers, bridges, hubs, routers, storage devices and critical workstations.

  • Liebert PSI
    • Liebert PSI is a feature-rich UPS system designed especially for today’s IT applications such as servers, storage, and networking equipment.
  • Liebert PSI XR
    • Liebert PSI XRis a feature-rich UPS system designed especially for today’s IT applications such as servers, storage, and networking equipment.
  • Liebert GXT3
    • 1 to 3kVA
    • Liebert GXT3 is a full featured UPS providing reliable protection for IT network equipment and data centers. It is a true on-line UPS that delivers continuous, high-quality AC power to IT equipment combining small size, high capacity and high reliability features.
  • Liebert GXT3
    • 5 to 10kVA
    • Liebert GXT3 UPS meets the need for higher power capacities in small spaces. This true on-line double conversion UPS system is available in 5kVA-10kVA models, and features integrated maintenance bypass, as well as optional extended battery runtime.
  • Nfinity - 50Hz
    • An Easily Scalable, Incredibly Intelligent, Remarkably Redundant UPS That Takes Systems Availability To The Next Level.

Medium and Large UPS

These ultra-reliable systems are designed for a variety of applications from 12 kVA to 1000 kVA in single, multi-module and redundant configurations.

The widest range of three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems for continuous availability applications.

  • Liebert NXa - 50Hz
    • Liebert NX – the next generation, true on-line, double conversion digital UPS – is designed to appropriately address “Hi – Availability Quality Power” need of B2B and B2C businesses.
  • Liebert NXe - 50Hz
    • Emerson Network Power Liebert NX is the Next Generation of true-online, double conversion digital UPS. Designed to meet the high availability power needs of a wide variety of applications, the Liebert NX combines innovation and simplicity and low cost of ownership.
  • Liebert NXf - 50Hz
    • With the new NXf model, the Liebert NX comes now in three popular ratings from 10 to 20 kVA, for single-phase at 220/230/240 V 50/60 Hz and ratings from 10 to 30 for 3-phase applications at 380/400/415 V 50/60 Hz.
  • Liebert NXr
    • The Liebert NXr presents an efficient, space saving and flexible solution for your network. With an above industry standard efficiency rate of up to 96% in a compact, low footprint UPS, Liebert NXr keeps your network protected while saving on cost and data center space.
  • Hipulse E UPS - 50hz
    • The increased sophistication of critical & hyper critical applications in today's digital world and the enhanced dependence of your business on such applications have led Emerson Network Power to design Liebert Hipulse E UPS Systems to provide you high availability of quality power.
  • Liebert Hipulse-U
    • The Liebert Hipulse-U offers protection to your investment and lower cost of ownership through its digital architecture and range of options which you can customize specifically for your needs.
  • Liebert APM
    • Liebert APM is the next generation UPS solution based on the scalable power platforms developed by Emerson Network Power. What differentiates Liebert APM from other power protection solutions is its Adaptive Power Manager features.

Power Management

Conditioning and Distribution

Emerson Network Power manufactures a full line of power conditioning equipment to shield critical loads from external disturbances.

For applications requiring protection from electrical line problems without the need for back-up capability,

Emerson Network Power also makes power distribution systems designed to efficiently deliver this conditioned power to your equipment.

Transfer Switches

When used with redundant AC power sources, use of the static transfer switch permits maintenance without shutting down critical equipment.

Ultra fast switching between two independent AC power sources provides virtually uninterrupted power to sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Liebert HiSwitch2 - 50Hz
    • The new Liebert HiSwitch2, solid-state digital bus transfer switch from Emerson Network Power, is the enabling technology behind multi-bus power systems.



Reliable surge suppression, and distribution and maintenance bypass products ensure continuous power to your critical systems
  • Maintenance Bypass & Output Distribution Accessory - 50Hz
    • The Maintenance Bypass & Output Distribution accessory allows you to manually transfer your connected equipment to utility power via a maintenance bypass switch, permitting scheduled maintenance or UPS replacement without power disruption.

Power Strips

These power strips provide load monitoring and control to the receptacle level, for easy centralized management of rackmount equipment.

Vertical "zero-U" and rackmount models available, with configurations to fit any IT need.

  • Connectivity
    • Keeping your voice, video and data flowing smoothly and quickly.
  • DC Power
    • Intelligently engineered DC power, distribution, control and monitoring systems.
  • Embedded Computing
    • Solutions based on open standards such as ATCA®, MicroTCA®, AdvancedMC™, CompactPCI® and VMEbus.
  • Embedded Power
    • AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, adapters, chargers and power accessories that make power conversion easy.
  • Fire Pump Controllers
    • A full complement of fire pump controllers you can count on to start every time without fail.
  • Monitoring
    • Infrastructure management solutions monitor, track, and optimize data center and telecom performance.
  • Outside Plant
    • Enclosure, cabinet and shelter solutions customized for your application.
  • Precision Cooling
    • Dynamic computer room air conditioning solutions protect sensitive servers and gear.
  • Renewable and Hybrid Energy
    • Intelligent products that integrate multiple energy sources such as solar, wind, fuel cells, battery, generator and utility power.
  • Surge Protection
    • The industry’s widest range of Surge Protective Devices (SPDs).
  • Technical and Mobile Workstations
    • Customized solutions consoles and mobile workstations that guarantee efficiency and autonomy in the laboratory, surgical field office, and workshops.

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