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Power Module

Power Module Product Portfolio

Page Information Source - Ericsson
© Ericsson - All pictures


Ericsson Power Modules

© Ericsson

Ericsson's Latest technology in Power Modules

Ericsson use the latest technology and highest standards of quality and robustness for achieving the highest system performance.

The products are primarily designed for advanced information and communications equipment, such as radio base stations and switches/routers, but they are also used in a wide range of medical, avionics, computing, military and industrial applications.

Every product design is the result of extensive research and development in power technology, broad application and system knowledge with a focus on design for environment and design for manufacturing, as well as efficient logistics and global support. The result is:

  • Low failure rate and long lifetime
  • Excellent dynamic load performance
  • High efficiency over a wide load range
  • Efficient thermal management

Ericsson offer more than 500 board-mounted products for a wide variety of applications.

They can be divided into:

  • Industry Standards Bricks
    • 1/16 - Bricks
    • 1/8 - Bricks
    • 1/4 - Bricks
    • 1/2 - Bricks
  • Surface Mount
    • Industry Point of Load
    • POLA Point of Load
    • Digital Point of Load
    • Open-Frame Macrodens
  • DC/DC converters
  • Intermediate Bus Converters (IBC)
    • Wide and Narrow Input DC/DC
  • Power Amplifier
    • Quarter to Full Brick DC/DC
  • MicroTCA
    • MicroTCA Power Module
  • POL regulators
  • Board power management
  • Custom Solutions - Product on Demand
    • Board-to-Board technology
    • Form factor tailor made to fit final application without mechanical constraints
    • One side component technology contributing to cost efficiency and final assembling
    • Unlimited combinations of modules and sub-modules
    • Customized surface mount products based on industrial platforms
    • High compatibility with standard manufacturing equipments
    • Layout optimized to comply with final application requirements
    • Quick time-to-market due to standardized mechanical platforms
    • Custom assemblies offering multiple combinations of footprint
    • Base-plate option for high thermal performances

Power Modules can be used for all kinds of communication technologies
  • ATM or IP Networks
  • Cellular Radio Networks
  • Digital Subscriber Lines (xDSL)
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Wireless Local Areas Networks (WLAN)

Application examples:


         RBS - GSM or WCDMA             © Ericsson            Radio Link - MINI-LINK

Data Switch - Router, Media Gateway, IP Switch     © Ericsson     ACCESS - ADSL

Power modules can also be used in many other applications, such as:

  • Avionics
  • Medical
  • Industrial process control, etc.

Design for Environment (DfE)

Since year 2000 Ericsson have applied a design for environment (DfE) policy in all product development projects, including removal of hazardous substances according to the RoHS directive and a continuous development of designs and solutions for lower power consumption and lowest possible total cost of ownership for the end-user.

Ericsson PIM4300 Series

Telecom systems and many other applications require very low ohmic power distribution.

To handle short circuits and other power supply interruptions, a hold-up function is included on the majority of the boards in a system. Systems that have higher ohmic distribution or that use a central pre-regulator do not require this holdup function.

The Ericsson PIM 4300 quarter-brick format power interface module integrates all the features required by the AdvancedTCA specification (PICMG 3.0).

The Ericsson PIM 4300 series are power interface modules that supply output currents of up to 10 A. These modules are designed to be placed at the 48 V input before the DC/DC converter and include the supply, hold-up, and hotswap functions together with EMC filtering, protection, supply management, and an input supply alarm. Maximum output power is determined by the input voltage range.

The hold-up function provided by the PIM is designed to work with an external hold-up capacitor charged with an internally generated high voltage. This approach effectively reduces the size of the hold-up capacitor. When the hold-up function is activated, the PIM connects the hold-up capacitor to the input of the DC/DC converter.

This provides the energy that maintains DC/DC converter operation during the hold-up event, but also creates a voltage pulse at the DC/DC converter’s input. The capacitors in the application circuit should be designed to ensure that the hold-up function operates efficiently while limiting the voltage transient that may result in undesirable behavior of the DC/DC converter.

This application note presents a method for optimizing the component values and limiting the input voltage transient. It also includes a table with suggested values for different Ericsson DC/DC converters.

For further details please download the PIM 4300 Set-Up and Design spec sheet.

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Ericsson E2 Power Modules Energy Efficiency

Products and Services

Ericsson DC/DC Regulators - Point of Load (POL)


© Ericsson

Ericsson offer a wide range of board-mounted, point-of-load (POL) regulator products that are based on industry-standard formats and specifications.

DC/DC Regulators - Point of Load (POL)
  • BMR450 series 20A DiPOL
  • BMR451 series 40A DiPOL
  • BMR462 series 12A DiPOL
  • BMR463 series 20A DiPOL
  • BMR464 series 40A DiPOL
  • PMB series 10/16A DOSA compatible
  • PMC series 10/16A DOSA compatible
  • PMD series 2.25/3A POLA interoperable
  • PME series 6A POLA interoperable
  • PME-F series 6A POLA interoperable
  • PMF series 10A POLA interoperable
  • PMF-F series 10A POLA interoperable
  • PMG series 12/15A POLA interoperable
  • PMG-F series 12/15A POLA interoperable
  • PMH series 18/22A POLA interoperable
  • PMJ series 26/30A POLA interoperable
  • PMM series 50/60A POLA interoperable
  • PMN series 30A POLA interoperable
  • PMP series 16A POLA interoperable
  • PMR series 40/50A POLA interoperable
  • Power Block 30A

Ericsson DC/DC Converters and IBC


                                                                                                                                                          © Ericsson

Ericsson offer a wide range of board-mounted DC/DC converters and intermediate bus converters based on industry-standard formats and specifications.

DC/DC Converters and IBC

  • BMR453 series Quarter Brick
  • BMR454 series Eighth Brick intermediate bus converter
  • BMR 653 Stacked
  • BMR911 - MicroTCA
  • PKB series Eighth Brick
  • PKB-A series Eighth Brick
  • PKB-B series Eighth Brick intermediate bus converter
  • PKB-C series Eighth Brick
  • PKB-NG series Eighth Brick
  • PKD-E series 2"x2" SMD
  • PKJ series Half Brick
  • PKJ-B series Half Brick
  • PKJ-E series Half Brick
  • PKL series Half Brick
  • PKM series Quarter Brick
  • PKM-B series wide-input Quarter Brick intermediate bus converter
  • PKM-C series Quarter Brick
  • PKM-D series Quarter Brick
  • PKM-E series Quarter Brick
  • PKM-N series Quarter Brick intermediate bus converter
  • PKR series MacroDens standard
  • PKU series Sixteenth Brick
  • PKU-B series line regulated Sixteenth Brick intermediate bus converter
  • PKU-E series Sixteenth Brick
  • PKV series DIL24 standard
  • PKY series Full Brick

3E Power Board Management


                                                                                                                                                         © Ericsson

Ericsson offer support in BPM to address choice of configuration, communication and/or control outside of one or more board mounted DC/DC converters or POL regulators.

3E Power Board Management

  • 3E Design Kit
  • 3E Evaluation kit
  • Power Interface Modules

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Ericsson 3E Power Modules Series

Discontinued Power Modules

At Ericsson we are constantly working to provide the best possible products to support customers’ needs. Consequently some product lines are no longer available.

Discontinued Power Modules

Page Information Source - Ericsson
© Ericsson - All pictures

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