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Ericsson has utilized a vast experience in technology, product development and production of cables and passive network materials to develop a broad portfolio of cables and interconnect products.

The main focus for the offering is Good Cable Management in regard to cable design, termination and jointing products as well as installation methods and deployment throughout the network.

The offering covers both products and systems for telecom networks and solutions for power utilities.

  • Ericsson Interconnect Cables
  • Passive Fiber Infrastructure
  • Energy Infrastructure

Ericsson Interconnect Cables

© Ericsson

Ericsson Interconnect Cables offer consists of a wide range of fiber optic and copper cables designed, developed and manufactured to secure high performance in telecom and data network applications.

The variety is large and includes fiber optic and UL-listed, halogen-free pair and coaxial cables for high transmission properties for indoor and outdoor applications. here you can find a brief introduction of our various products and see the most typical products for different applications.

Interconnect Pair Cables

  • Parallel Pair Cables for Ethernet and SAS Applications
  • Data cables for Interconnect and structured networks
  • Pair cables for transmisssion and XDSL applications
  • Pair and multi conductor cables for signal and low power applications
Premises Network Copper Cables
  • Data cables for structured Networks
Interconnect Fiber Optic Cables
Telecom Copper Access Cables
  • Telecom access copper pair cables
  • Hook-Up Wire
Power Cables for Telecom Applications

Ericsson Interconnect Cables

Passive Fiber Infrastructure

Image                                                                                                                                                          © Ericsson

Ericsson technologies for the passive part of the Access Network consist of two air-blown fiber systems and networks with traditional fiber optic Drop cables.

The air-blown systems are specially developed for access networks with the highest requirements for scalability, short installation time and performance.

Regardless of chosen network technology, either a passive optical network (PON) with a partially shared fiber infrastructure, or a point-to-point network (P2P) with dedicated fibers to each end user, our systems support a variety of changes as capacity and services evolve.

Depending on the operatorís investment strategy and their existing network set-up, the fiber deployment can be implemented in sequential steps (FTTx) out from the central office (CO) to eventually finalize in a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) connection.

Ericsson offer solutions for all FTTx network architectures as well as Consulting services for Access Network transformation.

  • Feeder and Distribution Networks
  • Drop and Premises Networks
  • Central Termination Point
  • Fiber Transport Network
Ericsson Passive Fiber Infrastructure

Energy Infrastructure

© Ericsson

The Energy Infrastructure offering covers standardized, customized, technologically advanced cable products and accessories that supply electricity within energy and telecom networks.

Page Information Source - Ericsson

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