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MINI-LINK CN 500 & CN 510 1.0

MINI-LINK Enterprise & Carrier Solutions


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MINI-LINK CN 500 is the latest addition to the MINI-LINK family. It is a compact and cost efficient microwave transmission node, built with simplicity in mind. It is an extension to the highly successful MINI-LINK TN node concept and is specifically optimized for end sites, single hops, and enterprise access. It uses the MINI-LINK outdoor units and is available for 1+0 and 1+1 configurations.

MINI-LINK CN 500 is compact and easy to install

MINI-LINK CN 500 is a high performance radio link with best in class radio output power resulting in longer hops with smaller antennas. MINI-LINK CN 500 and MINI-LINK TN are complementary products and hop compatible.

MINI-LINK CN 500 is LTE ready and offers full support for all IP RAN over Ethernet Backhaul. MINI-LINK CN 500 is also perfect for TDM to packet migration.


MINI-LINK CN 500 is a Hybrid Node
Perfect for both TDM to packet migration and for all IP. The Hybrid Radio Link can transport Native Ethernet and  Native PDH simultaneously over the hop. MINI-LINK CN 500 provides a complete packet and TDM solution with PDH and Ethernet in the same node with the necessary quality of service.

This simplifies both the network handling and the network evolution to all IP. Hitless adaptive modulation is perfect for telecom grade and best effort traffic combinations. In normal weather conditions a high modulation scheme is used with a high capacity throughput. If the weather becomes unfavourable the modulation will automatically be stepped down without packet loss to ensure that the priority traffic still gets through.

MINI-LINK CN 500 is LTE ready
Fully supporting all IP networks with high capacities. The hitless adaptive modulation enables modulation changes without traffic interruption or bit errors, resulting in telecom grade  transmission regardless of which modulation is used. The minimum constant delay of the adaptive modulation also ensures a high quality network sync
transport over packet, which is critical in packet networks. The Native Ethernet is aligned with LTE and X2 requirements. MINI-LINK CN 500 is QoS aware using any protocol; Ethernet, IP or MPLS.

MINI-LINK CN 500 is a Network Cost Saver
It is compact and easy to install. The all-outdoor solution speeds up and facilitates roll out even further with no need for a site building. Existing MINI-LINK customers can save time, money, space and reduce upgrade risks by re-use of the installed base; introduce Native Ethernet at end nodes by replacing MINI-LINK E with the space optimized MINI-LINK CN 500, without replacing the actual outdoor units, nor the cabling to the outdoor units.

The market leading reliability of MINI-LINK includes a field proven MTBF of typically over 70 years.


MINI-LINK CN 500 is Hop Compatible with MINI-LINK TN & MINI-LINK PT 2010

MINI-LINK CN 500 is used in a number of different scenarios:
  • New roll-out of mobile backhaul networks;
    • in mobile backhaul networks MINI-LINK CN 500 is a perfect fit at the end site with MINI-LINK TN on the other side of the hop, at the aggregation site, fully supporting the all IP network end to end.
  • Evolution of mobile backhaul networks;
    • MINI-LINK CN 500 supports Native Ethernet as well as Native TDM and a mix of them. This enables our customers to start with TDM traffic, add Ethernet when data traffic increases, and move to all Ethernet when required. MINI-LINK CN 500 can be a perfect upgrade of MINI-LINK E at end sites.
  • Fixed Broadband over Microwave;
    • connecting Enterprises or rural areas to existing transport networks with microwave is a well proven cost efficient solution.
  • Enterprise, Broadcasting and National security customers can successfully deploy both single hops, and complete backhaul networks.

Network Synchronization
MINI-LINK CN 500 supports transport of synchronization signal across the hop.

The synchronization signal is carried over the radio hop without occupying any bandwidth allocated for payload traffic.

The input/output interface is an E1 (2 Mbit/s) port among the 16 inputs on the front panel.


Regarding delay performance, delay per link for Priority traffic is <0.8 ms for radio link (TDM and Packet) capacities below 50 Mbit/ s and <0.5 ms for radio link capacities above 50 Mbit/s. Delay Variation for priority traffic is <0.5 ms per link.

Hybrid Radio Link
Native Ethernet and Native PDH are supported over the microwave radio link. The maximum air interface rate over one radio is 345 Mbit/s.

The maximum line interface rate over one radio is 347-426 Mbit/s depending on compression and frame size.

Adaptive modulation
The Radio Link supports hitless adaptive modulation for 4-256 QAM over 7-28 MHz channels.

                                                                            MINI-LINK CN Radio Unit (RAU2 X)

Page Information Source - Ericsson
Ericsson - All pictures


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