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Ericsson OMS Series

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Ericsson Optical Networks (ON) Planner

All pictures © Ericsson

The Ericsson ON Planner is a multi-layer multi-technology network planning tool that helps Network Operators to plan, to develop, to manage and to upgrade their transport network. 

Product description overview

The goal of ON-Planner is to maximize both the quality of service and the network  resources.  ON-Planner is the optimum tool for planning and simulating networks that  requires an automated control plane (ASTN/ASON/GMPLS), or have challenges on Optical design (photonic networks), or demands a complex interaction among services and network resources (data network).

ON-Planner offer the flexibility of manage a multi-layer’s transport and provides the benefits of adopting Traffic Engineering’s policies to emulate all network that demands a control plane to optimise the resource utilization. 

 Key features and benefits for ON Planner include:

  • ON Planner is the optimum tool to plan and simulate networks that offer TDM services eg OMS 3200 or Ethernet services eg OMS 1400 family.
  • ON Planner optimizes the traffic matrix providing and optimum network configuration that satisfy the customer’s TCO and realize OPEx saving. 
  • ON Planner generates a bill-of-materials (BOM) of Network Elements at each node of the network and it establishes traffic and composition rules.
  • ON Planner analyses the network topology based on traffic matrix rules and determines the overall cost of the network.  
  • ON Planner analyses the network solution at physical level assessing all the optical  parameters used to evaluate the span budget  
  • ON Planner is the tool for planning an optical packet transport using PWE3 and MPLS-TP  technologies


Photonic networks planning needs to take into account both the Routing Wavelength Allocation (RWA) and the physical impairments.

ONPlanner helps carrier to analyse photonic networks, with or without a control plane, in an optimal way, that is, minimizing the resource needed to obtain a given quality target.

 All pictures © Ericsson
The main applications are:
  • Capacity Planning
  • Bottleneck Analysis
  • Availability Analysis
  • Network Configuration Upload
  • Network Element configuration files generation and validation
  • Network inventory
  • Open interface (XML) towards OSS;
  • Failure simulation and ‘what if’ Analysis
  • Routing and Wavelength Assignment (RWA) for photonic networks
  • Physical impairments management, automatic and optimized allocation of 3R and other impairment compensator
  • Automatic Node and Network Bill Of Material (BoM) generation

Planning the needed capacity of a network from scratch
ON Planner enables to perform the capacity planning describing the resources needed, and provides as output the BoM required to be purchased (ports, fibers, transponders, DCF Modules).

The parameters needed are:
  •  The traffic matrix
  • The physical topology of the network
  • The connectivity among the network elements the required network survivability policy eg number and type of the failure(s), e.g. double links failure, single SRLG failure, …
  • The list of network/tributary interface
Periodical check of the network status With the ON Planner is possible to get updated snapshot of the network status, from the OSS via XML interface. These snapshots can be used to:
  • Perform ‘what if’ analysis simulating failures or planned works
  • Verify if there enough resources to accommodate new traffic request, that is done
  • Applying a new or modified traffic matrix to the snapshot
  • Check if the network status is in line with the forecast The following picture illustrates the network planning process.


  • Availability Analysis
  • Bottleneck Analysis
  • Network Inventory
  • Network Element Configuration Management
  • Available Reports
  • RWA for photonic networks
  • Bill-of-Material
  • ON Planner GUI
  • Supported technology

Ericsson OMS Product Range

Product Range

Documentation & Downloads
    • [244kb]

Page Information Source - Ericsson
© Ericsson - All pictures

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