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Ericsson Product Overview

Ericsson Cabling Solutions

© Ericsson

Ericsson has utilized vast experience in technology, product development and production of cables and passive network materials to develop a broad portfolio of cables and interconnect products.

The offering covers both products and systems for telecom networks and solutions for power utilities.

  • Ericsson Interconnect Cables
  • Passive Fiber Infrastructure
  • Energy Infrastructure

Ericsson Interconnect Cables

Ericsson Interconnect Cables offer consists of a wide range of fiber optic and copper cables designed, developed and manufactured to secure high performance in telecom and data network applications.

Interconnect Pair Cables

  • Parallel Pair Cables for Ethernet and SAS Applications
  • Data cables for Interconnect and structured networks
  • Pair cables for transmisssion and XDSL applications
  • Pair and multi conductor cables for signal and low power applications
Premises Network Copper Cables
  • Data cables for structured Networks
Interconnect Fiber Optic Cables
Telecom Copper Access Cables
  • Telecom access copper pair cables
  • Hook-Up Wire
Power Cables for Telecom Applications

Passive Fiber Infrastructure

Ericsson technologies for the passive part of the Access Network consist of two air-blown fiber systems and networks with traditional fiber optic Drop cables.

Regardless of chosen network technology, either a passive optical network (PON) with a partially shared fiber infrastructure, or a point-to-point network (P2P) with dedicated fibers to each end user, our systems support a variety of changes as capacity and services evolve.

Ericsson offer solutions for all FTTx network architectures as well as Consulting services for Access Network transformation.

  • Feeder and Distribution Networks
  • Drop and Premises Networks
  • Central Termination Point
  • Fiber Transport Network
Energy Infrastructure

The Energy Infrastructure offering covers standardized, customized, technologically advanced cable products and accessories that supply electricity within energy and telecom networks.

Ericsson MINI-LINK Microwave Networks


© Ericsson
Ericsson's microwave offering provides the lowest cost of ownership, whether it is for new
mobile network roll-outs, evolution of mobile networks, or fixed broadband over microwave.

MINI-LINK Overview

Ericsson's MINI-LINK is the world's leading microwave solution, suitable for any network scenario. It enables flexible and speedy network roll-out, and provides gigabit capacity and carrier-grade availability. Ericsson's microwave offering consists of a number of products:

Reduce costs

The hardware is highly flexible, and the high production capacity, along with the ability to offer complete turn-key site solutions, enables quick and efficient roll out of individual hops or complete networks. Ericsson can deliver large quantities of equipment with short lead times.

Ericsson microwave offering enables deployment, evolution and migration of networks in a cost-efficient, step-by-step fashion, and fully supports the concept of lowest cost of ownership.

MINI-LINK Series Product Portfolio

    • Enterprise solutions, the MINI‑LINK CN is a new addition to the MINI‑LINK product family. It provides compact enterprise solutions for microwave transport for single and multiple hops, and is built with simplicity in mind.
    • MINI-LINK TN is a unique microwave transmission node, handling single hops and access sites as well as advanced hub sites for large networks, optimized for traffic aggregation and capacity savings. further product info
    • MINI-LINK PT is a new all-outdoor MINI-LINK product optimized for packet networks, using native Ethernet over microwave. MINI-LINK PT standalone is a hop focused product.
    • The MINI-LINK SP series of multi-access aggregation platforms provides a seamless migration path from TDM circuit to the next-generation packet-switched networks.
    • MINI-LINK LH is the Ethernet Trunk Radio with High Microwave capacities for your network evolution to all-IP.MINI-LINK LH is a new product in the market leading MINI-LINK Product 
  • Ericsson LH
    • The Ericsson LH digital radio system provides cost effective wireless transmission and is ideal for any application where a fast rollout is needed or when fiber is not available.

Ericsson OMS Series Optical Transport Network Switches


                                                                                                                                                         © Ericsson

Ericsson OMS 800 Series Switches 

Ericsson OMS Product Portfolio

Ericsson OMS Optical Networks product family provides solutions to efficiently address fixed-mobile convergence, packet-based services, and “all-IP” services including high-speed connectivity.

  • Using Ericsson's Optical Transport Networks portfolio, you can create solutions to expand new services and upgrade existing infrastructures by delivering IP services with:
    • IP over OTN/DWDM solutions (combining routers and optical transports)
    • IP over packet transport solutions (combining router and packet transport solutions)
    • Packet transport solution over SDH, upgrading SDH infrastructure with cost-effective layer 2 aggregation and switching (EoS – Ethernet over SDH advanced layer 2 switching).

Ericsson Optical Transport Product Range
  • OMS 3200 Switch
    • The Ericsson OMS 3200 family of Optical Multi Service Core Switches is the platform of choice for building high capacity, highly resilient intelligent core transport networks.
  • MHL 3000 Switch
    • The Ericsson MHL 3000 product family is a single DWDM platform offering network simplicity and efficiency, best-in-class performance and operational synergies from edge, to metro and core applications.
  • OMS 2400 Switch
    • The Ericsson OMS 2400 is a family of Packet Transport platforms, covering a range of switch and port capacities. It offers network operators and service providers a high level of carrier class Metro Ethernet functionality for evolving Broadband services.
  • OMS 1600 Switch
    • The Ericsson OMS 1600 Optical Multi-Service Metro is a compact and advanced multiservice transport and switching platform (MSTP/MSPP).
  • SPO 1400 Switch
    • The Ericsson SPO (OMS) 1400 is a family of multi-service and packet optical transport solutions for Metro Access networks providing carrier class Ethernet and TDM services.
  • OMS 1200 Switch
    • The Ericsson OMS 1200 family allows you to effectively deliver a mix of TDMA services and data services.
  • OMS 800 Switch
    • The Ericsson OMS 800 is part of our world-leading optical portfolio, and has been specifically developed to reduce the cost of providing multiservice delivery from Customer Located Equipment (CLE).
  • Ericsson Optical Networks (ON) Planner
    • The Ericsson ON Planner is a multi-layer multi-technology network planning tool that helps Network Operators to plan, to develop, to manage and to upgrade their transport network. 

Ericsson Power Modules

© Ericsson

Ericsson's Latest technology in Power Modules

Ericsson uses the latest technology and highest standards of quality and robustness for achieving the highest system performance.

The products are primarily designed for advanced information and communications equipment, such as radio base stations and switches/routers, but they are also used in a wide range of medical, avionics, computing, military and industrial applications.

Every product design is the result of extensive research and development in power technology, broad application and system knowledge with a focus on design for environment and design for manufacturing, as well as efficient logistics and global support. The result is:

  • Low failure rate and long lifetime
  • Excellent dynamic load performance
  • High efficiency over a wide load range
  • Efficient thermal management

Power Modules can be used for all kinds of communication technologies

  • ATM or IP Networks
  • Cellular Radio Networks
  • Digital Subscriber Lines (xDSL)
  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Wireless Local Areas Networks (WLAN)

Application examples:


         RBS - GSM or WCDMA             © Ericsson            Radio Link - MINI-LINK

Data Switch - Router, Media Gateway, IP Switch     © Ericsson     ACCESS - ADSL

Power modules can also be used in many other applications, such as:

  • Avionics
  • Medical
  • Industrial process control, etc.

Ericsson DC/DC Regulators - Point of Load (POL)

Ericsson offer a wide range of board-mounted, point-of-load (POL) regulator products that are based on industry-standard formats and specifications.
  • BMR450 series 20A DiPOL
  • BMR451 series 40A DiPOL
  • BMR462 series 12A DiPOL
  • BMR463 series 20A DiPOL
  • BMR464 series 40A DiPOL
  • PMB series 10/16A DOSA compatible
  • PMC series 10/16A DOSA compatible
  • PMD series 2.25/3A POLA interoperable
  • PME series 6A POLA interoperable
  • PME-F series 6A POLA interoperable
  • PMF series 10A POLA interoperable
  • PMF-F series 10A POLA interoperable
  • PMG series 12/15A POLA interoperable
  • PMG-F series 12/15A POLA interoperable
  • PMH series 18/22A POLA interoperable
  • PMJ series 26/30A POLA interoperable
  • PMM series 50/60A POLA interoperable
  • PMN series 30A POLA interoperable
  • PMP series 16A POLA interoperable
  • PMR series 40/50A POLA interoperable
  • Power Block 30A

Ericsson DC/DC Converters and IBC

Ericsson offer a wide range of board-mounted DC/DC converters and intermediate bus converters based on industry-standard formats and specifications.

  • BMR453 series Quarter Brick
  • BMR454 series Eighth Brick intermediate bus converter
  • BMR 653 Stacked
  • BMR911 - MicroTCA
  • PKB series Eighth Brick
  • PKB-A series Eighth Brick
  • PKB-B series Eighth Brick intermediate bus converter
  • PKB-C series Eighth Brick
  • PKB-NG series Eighth Brick
  • PKD-E series 2"x2" SMD
  • PKJ series Half Brick
  • PKJ-B series Half Brick
  • PKJ-E series Half Brick
  • PKL series Half Brick
  • PKM series Quarter Brick
  • PKM-B series wide-input Quarter Brick intermediate bus converter
  • PKM-C series Quarter Brick
  • PKM-D series Quarter Brick
  • PKM-E series Quarter Brick
  • PKM-N series Quarter Brick intermediate bus converter
  • PKR series MacroDens standard
  • PKU series Sixteenth Brick
  • PKU-B series line regulated Sixteenth Brick intermediate bus converter
  • PKU-E series Sixteenth Brick
  • PKV series DIL24 standard
  • PKY series Full Brick

3E Power Board Management

Ericsson offer support in BPM to address choice of configuration, communication and/or control outside of one or more board mounted DC/DC converters or POL regulators.

  • 3E Design Kit
  • 3E Evaluation kit
  • Power Interface Module

Ericsson's SmartEdge
Multi-service Edge Routers


© Ericsson

Ericsson's SmartEdge Multi-service Edge Routers (MSERs)

Ericsson's SmartEdge Multi-service Edge Routers (MSERs) products offer highly efficient solutions to enable new revenue generating services such as IPTV, Video-on-Demand and interactive online gaming. SmartEdge MSERs offer multiple functionalities at the edge of IP networks that are necessary to offer these services.

The award-winning SmartEdge Multi-service Edge Router (MSER) family unifies multiple sets of functionality into a single, multi-functional platform including edge routing, Ethernet aggregation, subscriber management, and advanced services.

  • Ericsson SE 100
    • The SmartEdge 100 MSER is optimized for multi-play services, enabling a smaller network environment such as those with distributed Points-of-Presence (PoPs), Remote Central Offices (COs) and Multi-Tenant Units (MTUs).
  • Ericsson SE 600
    • The SmartEdge 600 MSER consolidates and simplifies the network edge, allowing operators to accommodate more bandwidth, traffic and subscribers.
  • Ericsson SE 1200
    • The SmartEdge 1200 MSER is a highly scalable platform specifically designed to address the requirements large networks supporting a high traffic volumes.

Ericsson Wi-Fi Solutions

Ericsson is taking a leading role in the development of standards that support carrier-grade Wi-Fi, including PasspointTM (also known as Hotspot 2.0), enabled through industry bodies such as Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA), 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), and Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA).

The robust portfolio of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access points (AP), control and management solutions address any operator deployment opportunity. Massively scalable and designed to integrate seamlessly with the operator’s core network.

Scalability and Core Integration

Ericsson Wi-Fi equipment can be deployed and expanded quickly and easily and has already been proven in massive networks for Tier One operators.

Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi also features lightweight mediation to the mobile or fixed core and offers a flexible architecture that integrates with any carrier topology.

Carrier-Grade WiFi equipment is:

  • Part of a carrier’s heterogeneous network strategy
  • Small cell technology for indoor and outdoor networks
  • Targeted at improving the mobile broadband user experience and supporting new business models
  • A global opportunity

The Carrier-Grade Wi-Fi offering, proven with Tier One operators in some of the world’s largest Wi-Fi networks, is comprised of:

  • Indoor and outdoor APs – these compact, robust AP’s support the latest 802.11n standard and feature a full range of power, mounting and backhaul options enabling fast and cost-effective deployment in any operator use case.
  • Controllers – supporting up to 2000 APs each, controllers are designed for scalability, wide area mobility and carrier-grade security and can be premise-based or deployed at the operator’s location.
  • Management – the management framework, comprising both Network Management and Business Intelligence, supports up to 100,000 access points.
  • Ericsson 100NE
  • Ericsson AP 5100 Series
  • Ericsson WiFi Controller 8000 - WIC8000
  • Ericsson WiFi OS

Page Information Source - Ericsson

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