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Finance options tailored for your business

Choosing the best equipment finance options for your business requires the best advice from a respected financier from within the equipment finance industry.

Operating Lease and Rental
  • If you upgrade your equipment and vehicles on a regular basis, an Operating Lease or Rental Agreement can be a cost effective and flexible solution for you.
  • You put the latest piece of equipment to work without the risk of holding it past its prime or outlaying large cash sums up front.

Finance Lease
  • A Finance Lease is a rental agreement between you and your financier.
  • The financier acquires the asset on your behalf and you rent it from the financier, making monthly repayments as you would if you rented from the manufacturer.

Hire Purchase
  • A finance lease differs from an operating lease or rental in that the lease assumes the risk on the future value of the asset, and has the option to acquire the asset at the end of the lease.
  • You have the option of buying it at any point during the agreement and ownership is automatically transferred to you when the last payment is made.

Chattel Mortgage
  • A Hire Purchase arrangement allows you to have immediate use of equipment or premises, even though the bank or financier owns it.
  • It is a fixed interest loan with mortgage as security.
  • A Chattel Mortgage differs from Lease and Hire Purchase Agreements in that it gives you immediate ownership of an asset upon entering the agreement.

e-NETSource is helping clients to acquire the best finance options for their business through their finance partner Interlease.

Interlease Company is a specialist finance broking firm based in Melbourne and specialises in leasing and hire purchase and is one of Australia’s leading commercial equipment finance broking firms.
Interlease has been providing customers with the best finance options for their requirements for over 30 years.

Due to the nature of the financial conditions we can only assist our Australian clients with these finance services. For further information please contact our sales team on sales@e-netsource.com, thank you.

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