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Telepresence / Video Conferencing
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Telepresence & Video Conferencing


Huawei MC850 / MC851 Video DECT Telephone


Huawei MC850 & MC851 Video DECT Telephones

MC850 & MC851 Video DECT Telephones
Empowered by the state-of-the-art technologies and its sleek design. The 7 inch TFT touch screen allows user to navigate through the menu to access website, entertainment contents and daily information such as weather forecast, world and local news and the favorite recipes.

HUAWEI MC850 media phone is able to meet the growing demand of convenient, simple and easy access to Internet applications in the home, adding to its basic cordless or corded telephone function.

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Huawei MC850 Video DECT Telephone - YouTube Video

Ease-of-Use Telephone
Why reinvent the wheel? MC850 adopt the traditional telephone design when it comes to phone call functions. The touch screen and virtual keyboard are adding convenience to improve the user experience.

                                                                    Huawei MC850 Video DECT Handset
High-Quality and Secure Video Call
The built-in camera, corded or cordless handset and well-managed address book allow the users to initiate a video call in a simply way.

Privacy protection mechanism is adopted to ensure that video and voice can be switched off immediately when needed.

Innovative and Sleek Design
Following the modern design concept, MC850 creates a mix of style, elegance and quality. The 7 inch touch screen, the DECT handset, the stereo sound box, the camera and a bunch of interfaces are all well fitted into a sleek chassis.

Strong Network Adaptability
MC850 support fixed IP, DHCP and PPPoE, adapting to different networking environments. QoS mechanism and auto down-speeding ensure reliable audiovisual experience when packet loss occurs in the IP network.


Huawei MC850 / MC851 Telephone Home Screen / Status Bar

One-Click Information Access
Weather forecast, local and world news, hot movies, favorite recipes…all of these daily information are displayed instantly by one-click on the icon on the screen.

                                                                Huawei MC851 Video DECT Handset
Complete Security Mechanism
To ensure security, passwords are used for device authentication, system configuration and SIP protocol interaction.

Exceptional Entertainment Experiences
With built-in H.264 HD CODEC, MC850 is able to provide broadcasting video and VOD services dispatched from the operators.

By connecting to the USB jack, video, music and photo can be played on the screen and via the hi-fi sound box.

Convenient Photo Display
The high resolution touch screen can be used to display photos stored inside or in the USB memory stick/SD/MMC card, in thumbnail and slide show mode with configurable effects and screen saver mode.

Centralized Automatic and Safe Upgrading
It is inevitable that new services and firmware will be published from time to time. Taking it in mind, a centralized automatic and safe upgrading architecture is established to ensure that MC850 media phone can be upgraded in an efficient and safe manner, greatly saving operation and maintenance cost.

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