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Telepresence / Video Conferencing
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Telepresence & Video Conferencing


Huawei TP1002 Telepresence and Video Conferencing


In today’s fast-paced global economy, business is being conducted around the clock between companies and partners that are dispersed throughout the world. It is clear to Huawei, that he who is acting fast upon the market demand will win the game.

Synergy between people creates value, reduces cost, and helps you stay ahead of the competition. Huawei TP1002 is bringing people together with the most advanced and contemporary virtual-meeting experience.

Different from traditional and complicated videoconferencing solutions, the Huawei TP1002 is integrated, immersive, and simple, conveying a new design concept for Huawei telepresence.

Every detail, such as the table design, light source, wall color, and carpet material, is carefully considered and well combined with conference interaction so that participants can have fresh, unique, true, and face-to-face experiences.

Immersive Experience With HD Video and Directional Sound
Huawei Telepresence TP1002 offers a real-life telepresence experience.

We have combined the best of video, audio and collaboration technologies. TP1002 has immersive HD video, HD audio and HD content quality.

Natural Eye-to-Eye Experience
Using a five-degree angle between the plane formed by a participant’s eyes and the Camera and that formed by the eyes and the displays.

The Huawei TP1002 provides new, excellent, and natural eye-to-eye conference experiences. Therefore, participants in different places can communicate with eye contact and enjoy every communication moment.

Life-size ultimate HD
Huawei TP1002 solution uses Huawei high-end video codec, combined with Huawei developed camera, although the participants are far away from the site, their images will display on the 65-inch HD 1080P screen with ratio of 1:1, life-size. Participants can speak with and read the body language of others, just as if all were in the same room.

Ease of Use: Integrated System Control via Touch Screen
Easy of use is a long time obstacle for videoconference industry and people hate that complicated and dull remote control. With a re-designed innovative trendy, neat and well organized touch screen GUI

Huawei Telepresence TP1002

Excellent High-Fidelity Voice

Supporting comprehensive audio-to-video synchronization, the Huawei TP1002 provides high-fidelity broadband voice experiences.

The Huawei TP1002 provides fantastic audio and video effects by using 22 KHz MPEG-4 Low Delay Audio Coders (AAC-LDs), and Huawei’s videoconferencing expertise in Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), Automatic Gain Control (AGC), and Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS).

Affordable, Cost-effective Solution
IP technology is evolving, but there are always times that the live video quality is undermined due to QoS issues. With Huawei SEC (super error concealment ) and IRC (intelligent rate control ) technology.

Huawei TP1002 is able to keep producing good video quality even if there are significant packet loss or low bandwidth, latency and jitter over the network link.


TP100 Single 55" and TP200 Dual 55" LCD Display

Standard-based, Highly Interoperable
Huawei has developed a standard-based telepresence system which is highly interoperable with mainstream equipment, including telepresence based on TIP.

Worrying about security of your videoconference call?— Huawei TP1002 adopts standard-based H.235 and AES encryption techniques to ensure that your videoconference call is well protected from malicious hacking and sniffing. The device configuration and setup is locked by admin password to avoid any misplay.

TP1002 Specifications
  • Telecommunications framework:
    • ITU-T
    • H.323
    • H.320
  • Video protocol:
    • H.263
    • H.264
  • Audio protocol:
    • G.711
    • G.722
    • G.728
    • AAC-LD
    • AAC-LD Stereo
  • Video format:
    • 720p
    • 1080p
  • Network protocol:
    • TCP/IP
    • DHCP
    • HTTP
    • NAT
    • PPPoE
    • Q.921
    • Q.931 ETSI
  • Media-stream encryption:
    • AES
    • DES
  • Signaling encryption:H.235
  • Dual stream:
    • H.239
  • Bandwidth:2–8 Mbit/s.
    • Recommended bandwidth is 4 Mbit/s.
  • Touchscreen control:Integrated touchscreen control
  • Camera:
    • 10× optical zoom and
    • 4× digital zoom;
    • f = 5.1 mm to 51 mm;
    • 1920 × 1080i pixels,720p pixels

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