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Huawei VP9050 HD LCD Desktop


Huawei VP9050 HD LCD Desktop

The HUAWEI VP9050 is a high-end HD Desktop Video Terminal is a top-quality desktop video terminal launched by Huawei.
It is integrated with the Full HD (1080p) digital camera, high-fidelity (Hi-Fi) sound box, HD microphone and 21.5-inch widescreen LCD via Touch Screen. With an elegant and sleek design, it will surely provide you unprecedented audiovisual experience.
  • Superb HD Video, Audio quality and Content sharing experience
  • Elegant Design, Easy operation and multi-task function
The VP9050 is ready for visual communication when it is connected with a network cable. It is very suitable for executive personnel who want to use it in executive offices or small conference rooms.

The VP9050 comes as an integrated system including a HD widescreen display, built-in digital camera, stereo microphones, and stereo speakers.

HD Video
The high definition of the 1080p video is double the high definition of the 720p video. With sharper edge processing, the 1080p video enables users to see every minute detail. The VP9050 uses the Huawei proprietary Video Motion Enhancement (VME) technology to enhance pre- and post-processing of video, noise reduction, contrast, and edges. This enhancement empowers the VP9050 to provide sharper and clearer video in the same lighting and camera conditions.

The VP9050 supports the H.261, H.263, and H.264 video coding and decoding protocols, and video resolutions of 720p 30 fps, 720p 60 fps, and 1080p 30 fps. The VP9050 is also compatible with SD video resolutions, such as the Common Intermediate Format (CIF:352*288) and 4CIF(704*576).

The VP9050 supports a conference rate of up to 4 Mbit/s and delivers industry-leading video quality. The latest hardware processing and enhanced H.264 coding and decoding technology used in the VP9050 improves the video compression ratio. At the same bandwidth, the VP9050 can deliver crisper, smoother, and more vivid video.

When the call bandwidth is more than or equal to 512 kbit/s, the video resolution can be up to 720p 30 fps.When the call bandwidth is more than or equal to 1 Mbit/s, the video resolution can be up to 1080p 25/30 fps.

HD Audio

The VP9050 supports dual-audio-channel broadband audio that complies with AAC-LD and HWA-LD. In addition, it is compatible with multiple narrowband audio coding and decoding protocols, such as G.711a/u, G.722, G.722.1, and G.728, facilitating the intercommunication with old equipment.

Using the AEC, AGC, and ANS technologies, the VP9050 provides users with clear full-duplex digital audio.The VP9050 can mix multiple channels of audio. After the VP9050 receives audio data from various channels, it mixes and transmits the data in one channel to a remote site.

The AAC-LD and HWA-LD audio protocols use a sampling rate of 48 kHz. Therefore, users can clearly hear all the sounds with a frequency lower than 22 kHz and conferences are presented vividly.The VP9050 has two built-in omnidirectional microphones that can collect sounds at the local site correctly and clearly, with the maximum sound pickup distance over 3 m.


Huawei VP9050 HD LCD Screen

Super error concealment
On an IP network, packet loss easily occurs during data transmission. This affects the conference quality. In terms of network jitter, delay, and packet error, the performance of the VP9050 fulfills the relevant international criteria and has a great advantage when compared with videoconferencing products that do not use SEC technology.

The VP9050 uses the proprietary super error concealment (SEC) technology, adjusting the quality of service (QoS) automatically and selecting a proper audio-visual processing policy based on the transmission performance of an IP network. SEC technology improves the audio and video quality in a poor network environment, ensuring that a conference can be held smoothly even when the packet loss rate reaches 5%.

Reliable IP Interfaces
Users of asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL), very-high-bitrate DSL (VDSL), and local area network (LAN) can start using relevant services by dialing a number. (LAN users are subscribers of operators that use a LAN for network access. These users must enter user names and passwords to gain access to the network.)

The VP9050 supports the IP data connection. The backup mechanism of two network interfaces and the built-in PPPoE dial-up system facilitate and secure broadband access. The PPPoE dial-up system supports commonly used broadband network access modes.

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