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Nextivity Cel-Fi RS2 Brochure

Cel-Fi RS2 Quick Start Guide



for Telstra's Next G and Optus 3G networks


The Cel-Fi RS2 is the ONLY legal signal booster/repeater available in Australia

Nextivity's second generation Cel-Fi RS-2 is a cost-effective and intelligent indoor coverage solution for Telstra's Next G and Optus 3G networks.

After the easy 5 minute setup, the Cel-Fi Repeater increases your mobile signal, dramatically improve indoor voice quality and increase data speeds for 3G consumers.

The Cel-fi RS2 differs greatly from the standard indoor repeater due to its ability to not infer with the mobile network or other users. Often referred to as a Smart Repeater, the Cel-Fi has the ability to provide maximum coverage, be network friendly and can be easily installed by the end user.
  • Easy 5 Minute Setup
  • Up to 600 sqm indoor coverage area
  • Mobile Network Protection
  • External Antenna Port
Supported Australian Networks:

3G 850MHz network only:
  • Aldi Mobile
  • Boost Mobile
  • Kogan Mobile

The Cel-Fi Repeater has been tested, authorised and approved by Telstra for use on the Telstra Next G Network, and
this product will only be able to operate on Telstra's NextG 850 network. It will not support the GSM or 4G band.

Optus's 3G 900 and 2100 network. It will not support the GSM or 4G band.
NOTE: This product will only operate on Optus's 3G 900 and 2100 network. It will not support the GSM or 4G band.
  • Amaysim
  • iiNet
  • TPG
  • Virgin
  • and more
Location Locked:
The Cel-Fi for Optus is locked to the Optus 3G Network and is also location locked. Once you turn on Cel-Fi it will lock to the towers in your area within 32 hours and will stay locked to those towers. If you change address please contact our support department on (07) 5577 0500.

Coming soon:

  • Vodafone

Supported New Zealand Networks
  • 2 Degree Mobile

The Cel-Fi RS2 comes with a 24 month warranty.

Everywhere Every Time
Say goodbye to dropped calls. Use your phone whenever you need it with clear and realiable 3G voice and data

1200 m2 Coverage
Ideal for your home or office area, Cel-Fi provides for a large coverage area up to 1200 sqm (subject to building construction).

60 Simultaneous Calls
Users Cel-Fi high capacity signal booster providing for up to 60 simultaneous call and offering up to 42Mbps high speed data connections

Insanely Simple
All you need to do is to power up the Cel-Fi RS2 unit. We made it so smart that it adapts itself to your environment.

Authorized by Telstra
The Cel-Fi Repeater has been tested, authorised and approved by Telstra for use on the Telstra Next G Network, and this product will only be able to operate on Telstra's NextG 850 network.

100% Plug and Play
The easiest installation ever! Simply power up the Window and Coverage Units and Cel-Fi RS2 is set!

Internal & External Antennas
Cel-Fi RS2 comes with four internal high gain directional antennas, automatically selected for best coverage with the option of using external antennas (see further below for details), for further details please see bottom of page.

Need Only 1 Bar
1 Bar of 3G signal near one window is all you need, and Cel-Fi RS2 does the rest!

All Wireless
The Window Unit and the Coverage Unit communicate wirelessly, making set-up a breeze, for further details please see bottom of page.

Auto Configuration
Cel-Fi RS2 signal booster automatically configures itself according to your environment.

Easy on Battery
When your phone no longer has to use all of its power trying to reach out for a far away base station, the battery will last longer and requires less charging.

Advanced Technology
Cel-Fi RS2 is powered by two custom designed, massively parallel real-time and high speed processors with 38 digital signal processors, for further details please see bottom of page.



Provides Indoor Mobile Coverage

All you need is somewhere in your home that gets at least 1 bar of 3G signal in your home, to enable the Cel-Fi to provide indoor coverage.

Nextivity’s new generation Cel-Fi Repeater amplifies mobile signals from outside and repeates/boost them within your office or home area of up to 600 square meters.

The indoor coverage is determined by several factors including the mobile signal strength at the Window Unit and the amount of walls in your home.

No longer will you need to go outside or be in a particular room of your house to make a phone call.

Simply place the Cel-Fi boxes inside your home and enjoy having great 3G mobile reception.

Improves Voice Quality

With full signal strength inside your home and no interference, the Cel-Fi will provide crystal clear 3G voice quality for your mobiles.

The quality of a voice call is usually determined by the phones signal strength and nearby interference.

Decreased Radiation to Mobile Users

Mobile radiation is at its greatest when your phone is using maximum power and when its close to your body.

By increasing the indoor signal strength using a Cel-Fi, your phone will not have to work as hard, lower its power and therefore decreasing radiation for the user.

Increases Mobile Data Speeds

Slow internet speeds on your mobile device are often caused by low signal. If you suffer from low signal in your home you will be able to relate to the frustration of trying to access email or the internet.

The Cel-Fi will amplify the 3G mobile signal and increase your data speeds dramatically. Email, internet, video and social networking speeds will be like you never left the office.

Instead of purchasing fixed home broadband services, you can now use your mobile broadband as your primary internet source and save on internet costs.

Extends Mobile Phone Battery Life

Nextivity-Cel-Fi-RS2-Benefits-Extends-Mobile-Phone-Battery-LifeMobile phones use a lot more energy when in poor signal areas. The phone adjusts its internal power to compensate in an attempt to boost the poor signal. As a result the phone will consume a lot more battery power.

Using the Cel-Fi system your indoor mobile signal should be high and the battery will last noticeably longer for you to talk, check Facebook and browse the internet.



The Cel-Fi mobile repeater was designed to amplify and disburse a 3G mobile signal within a building without causing any interference to the mobile network.

The Cel-Fi is locked to the carrier and will only amplify a signal in that carriers set frequency range. It does not support the GSM band.

The System compromises of two boxes, a Window Unit (WU) and a Coverage Unit (CU):

Window Unit

Communicates with the mobile base station, amplifies the signal and passes it to the Coverage Unit via a wireless link.

Coverage Unit

Is responsible for disbursing the mobile signal within the building to multiple mobile devices.

                                                                                                             Window Unit

e-NETSource Video

e-NETSource YouTube Channel

Cel-Fi Setup

A typical setup involves placing the Window unit in an area within the building that gets the best possible mobile signal. This would usually be an upstairs window or a window at one end of the house.

The Coverage Unit is then placed within the main area of the house, or in an area that provides the best indoor signal dispersion.

In the event that only a very low signal can be found, the Cel-Fi comes with an external antenna port. External antenna options such as a Yagi, Omni directional or an on-glass mound based antenna's are available and can be used to maximise on the outdoor signal.Nextivity-Cel-Fi-RS2-External-Outdoor-Antenna-Options

                Yagi Antenna                 Omni Directional Antenna            On-Glass Antenna

Maximize Cel-Fi Coverage

The Cel-Fi repeater system is very unique in the way it maximizes the indoor coverage. The WU and CU units can be up to approximately 30m apart, the further apart they are the better indoor coverage area will generally be.

The Window Unit has a mobile signal strength indicator, the greater the signal strength it gets from outside the better the indoor coverage is going to be. The WU has a port for an external antenna to assist if you have poor signal.

The Coverage Unit has a LED indicator with a numbering system from 0-9 representing the output power. Ideally you require an 8 or 9 to ensure maximum indoor coverage. If the CU is close to the WU it will display a 1, as you move it further away the numbers should increase up to 9. At the same time the indoor coverage also increases.


Mobile Network Protection

The Cel-Fi system is the only personal repeater that has been approved and considered by carriers in Australia.

In the past many mobile service providers have not supported the use of personal repeaters or boosters on their network.

This was due to the interference they can cause when connected to the network, or when they are setup incorrectly.

The Cel-Fi system is very different to a standard repeater (or booster), as it was designed to provide maximum coverage, be network friendly and can be easily installed by the end user.

It does this in several ways by

  • Continuously monitoring power levels of the cell tower it is connected to and constantly adjusting the Cel-Fi's output power to suit
  • Giving the service provider the ability to shut down the repeater remotely if needed using a signal from the base station
  • Having a unique installation process to eliminate feedback into the mobile network
  • Only amplifying and disbursing a particular carrier’s mobile signal, operating within a set frequency band
  • Not interfering with the carrier’s network or other users on the network
  • Cel-Fi FAQ

The following video link demonstrates the difference in how the coverage bars are calculated on an IPhone and an Android phone - please click here.


There are several factors that can contribute to poor reception of wireless signals indoors. These include buildings, trees, natural obstacles and the distance from the cell tower.

Cel-Fi is an innovative solution to improve indoor coverage: Cel-Fi Window Unit captures the weak signal that reaches the building, improves it and retransmits the signal indoor via the Coverage Unit. Cel-Fi performs much better than traditional signal booster, by using very powerful unique advanced technology:

  • Very powerful custom designed silicon. The core of Cel-Fi has two massively parallel real-time processors with 38 digital signal processors.
  • Complex smart antenna technology. Four directional auto-adaptive antennas that always look for the best signal, in real-time.
  • Sophisticated intelligent software algorithms. Cel-Fi incorporates sophisticated Self Organizing Algorithms which consistently and intelligently alter their status to maximize real-time coverage and adjust to the size of the indoor environment served.

This core technologies, now in its second generation, have been designed to optimize the indoor transmission and reception of 3G/3.5G/4G wireless signals.

Unconditionally Network Safe

Cel-Fi is unconditionally network safe. The signal booster eliminates the possibility of introducing any interference into the mobile operators most prized asset – their spectrum.

It’s so good at protecting the network that it is approved by 120 Operators worldwide. Interferences reduce the network capacity and with it subscriber access (ie the ability of an operator to service a large number of simultaneous calls in a specific area. Interference also manifests as poor voice quality, frequent dropped calls and reduced internet uploads and downloads.

Powered by IntelliBoost©

Fully digital devices, Cel-Fi units are made of 2 custom-designed system-on-a-chip CPUs called IntelliBoost©, with high performance and low power.

The IntelliBoost© Baseband Processor (IBP) is the first core processor designed specifically to optimize the indoor transmission and reception of 4G wireless signals. It adds a layer of intelligence to the real-time operation of Cel-Fi.

Our second generation IBP II RISC brings advanced algorithm design along with a high speed custom made RISC processor and low power consumption to bear down on the challenging problem of indoor coverage.

With advanced filtering, equalization and digital echo cancelation techniques, we have developed an embedded architecture which delivers unprecedented in-building data rates and pervasive 3G/4G connectivity. The high capacity, ultra-low latency IntelliBoost modem delivers reliable performance under the most challenging indoor conditions.

Massive parallel core engine: IntelliBoost© core engine has more than 38 digital filters built around very sophisticated digital signal processors, in a high performance massively parallel architecture. By using a complex real-time feedback loop, Cel-Fi core engine automatically adjusts its power according to the optimal mobile signal propagation, and thus always ensures dynamically the largest automatically adjusted coverage.

Wireless Connection Between Window Unit and Coverage Unit

The Window Unit and the Coverage Unit communicate through a patented 5GHz secure and high density wireless link, with ultra-low latency of a few milliseconds, even over long distances. This secured high speed network guarantees a perfect data and voice transmission, almost instantaneously.

Smart antennas: each Cel-Fi Window Unit includes 4 internal and directional antennas

Designed with smart antenna technology, Cel-Fi Systems continually seek out the best available signal and automatically adjust to any changes in the RF environment in order to maximize the signal gain to the user.

Cel-Fi has four advanced integrated antennas in the Window Unit for up to a whopping 100dB gain. Each antenna has a 90 degree coverage angle. At power up, the level of the serving network is measured on all 4 antennas, and the antenna with the best signal is selected automatically. Only one of the 4 internal antennas is used at any given time, this use of a directional antenna helps avoid pilot pollution from neighboring cells.

Insanely Simple Installation of a Cell Phone Signal Booster - digital processor

The Window Unit updates the antenna selection in real-time if there is a measured percentage drops in the signal level. This could happen if the Window Unit is re-oriented or if the service node goes off air or has a change in power level. It will allow Cel-Fi Smart Signal Booster to detect automatically the introduction of a new antenna on the cell tower.



  • WCDMA 850, 1900, 2100 or 850/1900 bands


  • Up to 100 dB system gain

  • Nextivity IntelliBoost Baseband Processor II

  • H: 212mm
  • W: 144mm
  • D: 146mm
  • Weight: 1.02kg


  • H: 158.5mm
  • W: 146mm
  • D: 59mm
  • Weight: 0.39kg

  • Operating Temperature: 0° to 40°C
  • Storage Temperature: -25° to 60°C
  • Relative Humidity: 5 to 95% noncondensing
  • Operating Altitude: -60m to 3,050m
  • Storage Altitude: 12,000m
  • RoHS (2002/95/EC) six of six compliant
  • WEEE (2002/96/EC)


  • 12 VDC via external supply (2 included)
  • External Supply: 100-240 VAC, 47-63Hz
  • Power Consumption: <12W per unit

  • External Antenna Port: SMA Female
  • Programming Ports: Mini-USB


  • 5 GHz link compliant with ETSI EN301 893 V1.5.1

  • CE Mark
  • CB Mark
  • C-TICK

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