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Proxim ProximVision ES


Proxim Wireless is a global provider of end-to-end broadband wireless systems that deliver the quadruple play. From Wi-Fi to wireless Gigabit Ethernet our WLAN, mesh, WiMAX and point-to-point products are available through our extensive global channel networks.

ProximVision ES provides rapid network deployment, mobile configuration and greater ease of use in a software-based Network Management System giving you a complete view of your wireless network.

Rapid Network Deployment
Automates configuration processes for faster, more efficient deployment of Proxim Wireless networks.

Mobile Configuration Management
ProximVision ES help the network managers with mobile options for exhaustive device configurations.

Geographical Network View and Statistical Plots
Provides a map overlay of your entire network with real-time, visual network status indicators.

Great Ease of Use and Supportability
ProximVision ES allows you to manage your entire network from a single console.

Download a FREE Copy
Click on the following link to download a FREE 4 node version of ProximVision ES.

ProximVision ES currently supports the following Proxim products
  • Tsunami™ MP 8100 high throughput point to multipoint series
  • Tsunami™ MP 8160 high throughput point to multipoint series
  • Tsunami™ QB 8100 high throughput point to point series
  • Tsunami™ MP.11 series (5GHz, 4.9GHz, 2.4GHz* and 900MHz*)
  • Tsunami™ MP.11 HS 245054
  • Tsunami™ MP.16 series
  • Tsunami™ QB.11 series (5GHz, 4.9GHz, 2.4GHz* and 900MHz*)
  • ORiNOCO® 802.11n Access Points
  • ORiNOCO® indoor and outdoor Mesh Access Points
Rapid Network Deployment
ProximVision ES automates configuration processes for faster, more efficient deployment of Proxim Wireless networks.
  • Automatic configuration capabilities enable network managers to quickly replicate existing network settings across new network nodes
  • User-friendly interface enables you to group, manage and configure all devices available on your wireless network
  • Auto discovery of network devices makes identifying devices for configuration a snap Mobile Configuration Capabilities
  • ProximVision ES gives network managers a mobile option for exhaustive device configuration with a software tool.
  • Network managers take configuration capabilities with them to address isolated networks
  • Exhaustive device configuration capabilities
  • ProximVision ES segments the overall network, enabling simpler mobile monitoring and management of the network and devices
Geographical Network View and Statistical Plots
ProximVision ES provides a map overlay of your entire network with real-time, visual network status indicators
  • Use the built-in map location tool to create a geographic view of your network and placement of your wireless devices.
  • Devices and link status can quickly be determined thanks to color coded icons.
  • Network administrator can plot statistical information such as link SNR, traffic load and other metrics to evaluate network health and manage bottlenecks.
  • Dynamic Map supports device placement at the configured GPS co-ordinates. Also extends support to change the existing device positions on the Dynamic Map by drag and drop
  • Use Static map feature to place devices on a static map that are located in closed spaces such as buildings and offices; Also enables to edit and save existing static maps using Pre-Configured Image Editor from within PVES
Greater Ease of Use and Upgradability
ProximVision ES can support a greater number of devices than competitively priced solutions, and provides the simplest path to configuration and upgrade.
  • Once networks are configured and deployed, ProximVision ES provides the ability to automatically reconfigure or perform firmware upgrades on an entire group of devices simultaneously
  • Real-time monitoring of devices across the entire wireless network, providing diagnostics and alerts to quickly identify errors and troubleshoot them
  • Integrated device inventory and per device diagnostic reports enables quick assessment of the network
Supported Products
  • TsunamiTM MP 8100 series
    • MP-8100 BSU and SUA
    • MP-8150 SUR
    • MP-8150 CPE
  • TsunamiTM MP 8160 series
    • MP-8160 BSU
    • MP-8160 CPE
  • TsunamiTM QB 8100 series
    • QB-8100 EPA
    • QB-8150 EPR (and LNK)
    • QB-8150-LNK-12, QB-8150-LNK-50
  • TsunamiTM MP.11 series
    • MP.11 5012 SUI, SUR and CPE
    • MP.11 5054 BSU and SUI
    • MP.11 5054-R BSU and SU
    • MP.11 5054-R-LR BSU and SU
  • Tsunami™ MP.11 HS 245054
    • MP.11 HS 245054-BSUR (Outdoor)
    • MP.11 HS 245054-SUR
    • MP.11 HS 245054-BSU-S (Indoor)
    • MP.11 HS 245054-SU-S
    • QB.11 HS 245054
  • Tsunami™ MP.16 Series
    • MP.16 3500
  • Tsunami™ MP-8150 Indoor CPE
    • MP-8150-CPE-100i
  • TsunamiTM QB.11 series
    • QB.11 5054-R
    • QB.11 5054-R-LR
  • ORiNOCO® 802.11n Access Points
    • AP-800
    • AP-8000
  • ORiNOCO® APs and Mesh series
    • AP-700
    • AP-4000
    • AP-4000M
    • AP-4900M
    • AP-4000MR
    • AP-4000MR-LR
    • AP-4900MR-LR
  • MeshMAX 5054 series
    • MeshMAX 5054WM
    • MeshMAX 5054W
  • Tsunami™ GX8001
Model NumberProducts
Free Download
20-100-PVES-UPG From ProximVision ES 20 nodes to 100 nodes
20-500-PVES-UPG From ProximVision ES 20 nodes to 500 nodes
20-1000-PVES-UPG From ProximVision ES 20 nodes to 1000 nodes
100-500-PVES-UPG From ProximVision ES 100 nodes to 500 nodes
100-1000-PVES-UPG From ProximVision ES 100 nodes to 1000 nodes
500-1000-PVES-UPG From ProximVision ES 500 nodes to 1000 nodes
20-PVES-UPG From ProximVision ES 20 nodes

ProximVision ES can be downloaded for free from the Proxim Wireless website and can be easily installed without any license or involvement from Proxim Wireless.

ProximVision ES is a full feature software package and can be used indefinitely to monitor and manage up to four Proxim devices but is not eligible for regular technical support.

If you are satisfied with ProximVision ES and wish to manage a larger network and leverage our technical support services please
contact us.

Proxim Tsunami MP Product Range

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