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SNOM 800 Series Vision Expansion Module Datasheet

SNOM 300 Series EHS Wireless Headset Adapter Datasheet

SNOM 300 Series klarVOICE



SNOM Telephone Accessories

snom Vision 800 Series Expansion Module / Key Panel


snom Vision - the key panel / expansion module for the snom 820/821 & snom 870 VoIP telephones - expands the functional capability of your next generation IP phone to a whole new level. You now have the ability to get more out of your favourite phone when used with this brand new offering from snom. The 16 programmable keys can be used for speed dial.

The snom Vision can be powered by the conventional power supply (5V adapter included in delivery). Alternatively, the snom Vision can also be powered through Power over Ethernet (PoE IEEE 802.3af).

Main Features

  • 16 programmable keys 
  • High resolution TFT touch screen color display 
  • 4.3" (10,9cm), 272 x 480 pixels, 24 bits color depth 
  • Ethernet 10/100 Mbps 
  • USB: 2x type A, Hi/Full/Low Speed host interface 
  • USB: 1x type B 
  • Built in Web server


SNOM 821 with Vision Expansion Module / Key Panel

In addition to being used as an expansion module with a snom 8xx IP phone, the snom Vision can also be used as a stand-alone device; thanks to its independent Linux OS that connects to your network via Ethernet.

The snom Vision has a built-in web server that allows you to configure its features through an elegant web interface at your convenience. Moreover, the configuration settings can also be provisioned.


SNOM 870 with Vision Expansion Module / Key Panel

The design of this brand new product is in line with the outstanding features of the snom 8xx that our discerning customers have come to expect. The snom Vision and the next-generation snom 8xx IP phone are indeed an exquisite match that combines functionality with grace.

Suitable for:

  • snom 820
  • snom 821
  • snom 870

snom 300 Series Expansion Module V2.0 / Key Panel


With the snom 320, 360 and 370 Expansion Module, your snom has the best features to meet the requirements of executive and administrative staff who require high call coverage and flexibility from communication systems. 

The new Version 2 of the Expansion Module, allows to daisy-chain up to 3 expansion modules. So you can use up to 138 Buttons (3x 42 + 1 x 12) with LED's.

Your snom VoIP phone is equipped with 12 programmable keys and LEDs. Using your snom with the snom Expansion Module, call coverage and management is even more easy and efficient to handle.

With the expansion module, you add 42 additional programmable keys and LEDs, increasing the total number of keys and LEDs to 54.

More comfort is provided by the built-in web interface of your snom VoIP phone. With the built-in web interface, you can easily configure each function key according to your preferences. 

Each key of your expansion module can be programmed for Line, Destination, Intercom, Park Orbit, or Voice Recorder mapping. Line or call state, e.g. ringing, on-hold, connected call etc., will be shown by the LEDs associated with each key

Suitable for:

  • snom 320
  • snom 360
  • snom 370

Footstand snom HAF for vertical alignment


For all users who want their snom 3xx IP phone in a upright position only require the snom HAF

Providing more telephony comfort and saving desk-space on a narrow work-site, the snom HAF is very easily connected to the telephone.

Suitable for:

snom 3xx HAF

  • snom 320
  • snom 360
  • snom 370

snom 300 HAF
  • snom 300 (MAC addresses 00041328XXXX and higher only)

snom Headsets HS-MM2 and HS-MM3


The headsets have been updated with a new look, improved ergonomics, and simplified usability. 

The snom HS-MM3 headset is made specifically for use with the snom 300 phone whereas the HS-MM2 headset is used for the snom 320, snom 360, and snom 370 phones.

Headsets allow their users a much wider range of movement than possible with a telephone receiver. This investment is worthwhile for anyone who spends a an office, in a home office, or in a call center - a headset offers many advantages.

Headset Features
  • Flexible metal mic boom 
  • Monaural headset 
  • Quick release fastener cord system 
  • 4p4c(RJ9) modular plug 
  • Adjustable headband 
  • Noise-canceling microphone 
  • Soft leatherette ear cushion 
  • Superb audio quality 
  • Lightweight: 95g 
  • Headset hanger included

The new snom headsets have one ear pad which can be worn on either ear. They are very sturdy and offer good wearing comfort. 

The microphone is noise-cancelling and suppresses background noise so that you do not need to compromise on quality.

Suitable for:

snom Headset HS-MM 2

  • snom 320
  • snom 360
  • snom 370
  • snom 820
  • snom 821
  • snom 870

snom Headset HS-MM 3

  • snom 300 (MAC addresses 00041328XXXX and higher only)

snom EHS Advanced Wireless Headset Adaptor


In addition to the corded snom headsets, wireless headsets are very popular in professional business environments like, for example, call centers. 

The wireless headset adapter snom EHS Advanced for controling wireless headsets is the bridge between professional VoIP telephony and professional wireless headsets.

The snom EHS Advanced has an electronic hook switch that conforms to vendor-specific norms as well as to the DHSG standard, making it possible to accept calls on the headset itself.

When the phone receives an incoming call, the original ringing tone is signalled in the headset, and the call can be answered and terminated on the headset.

Main Features

  • Complete freedom of movement 
  • Signaling of ringtone 
  • Call acceptance on headset 
  • Call termination on headset 
  • Perfect integration of firmware 
  • vendor specific EHS protocols 
  • DHSG Standard 
  • No additional power supply required 
  • Easy to connect


The snom EHS Advanced has been developed specifically for snom phones:  the snom 300 ( MAC addresses 00041328XXXX and higher), the snom 320, 360, 370, 820, 821, and 870.

Whether you are using the adapter in large or small enterprises or in call centers - the newly won freedom of movement will pay off immediately.


  • Savi Office WO200 (79957-0x) 
  • Savi Office WO100 (79956-0x) 
  • CS70N (39448-02) 
  • CS60 (36995-11) 
  • CS351N (39986-02) 
  • CS361N (39261-02) 
  • Voyager 510 System (72272-45)


  • Jabra PRO 9400 (9460-25-707-101 , 9460-29-707-101 , 9470-26-904-101) 
  • Jabra GO 6400 (6470-15-207-501) 
  • Jabra GN9330 (9337-508-xxx) 
  • Jabra GN9350 (9356-607-xxx) 
  • Jabra GN9210 (9120-28-xx , 9120-30-xx , 9120-48-xx, 9129-808-111, 9129-808-101) 
  • GN Ellipse (8837-90-xx)

Suitable for:

  • snom 300 (MAC addresses 00041328XXXX and higher only)
  • snom 320
  • snom 360
  • snom 370
  • snom 820
  • snom 821
  • snom 870

The next generation of sound: snom klarVOICE


The wideband handset snom klarVOICE can be adapted to all snom VoIP telephones.

snom klarVOICE allows to capture more than double of the spectrum of voice frequencies that by standard phones. The audio quality can be compared to FM radio.

The new snom klarVOICE handset works with the codec G.722 and can be connected to any snom phone in the 3xx family. This makes it possible to have klarVOICE quality in the whole office. 

Using the klarVOICE handset works only if the voice stream between then phones uses the G.722 codec. As soon as you call a PSTN number you will feel the difference.

Click here for an audio sample to hear how the difference could be!

Suitable for:

  • snom 300
  • snom 320
  • snom 360
  • snom 370

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