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TriplePlay IPTV Media Products


Tripleplay's family of products are software based and designed to use industry standard server and Set Top box technology giving you a Telco grade solution at an enterprise price. The products have all been designed to operate independently or as part of a complete multimedia solution. Using this design approach it is possible to start with a very simple solution and then grow it to a comprehensive TV, Video and Digital Signage system as budget and requirements grow.

Complete Media Solution

A comprehensive range of software products designed to be used either individually or as part of a complete media solution enabling continual growth to meet a customer's requirements.

TripleTV: Innovative IPTV Solution

TripleTV head-end delivers high quality broadcast MPEG-2 content over an IP network to a TV via an IP Set Top Box(STB) or PC/MAC. A wide range of digital television and radio channels can be provided from a single server.

The TripleTV system supports the acquisition of encrypted and free-to-air digital channels and analogue feeds. Each IPTV server will manage a number of individual interfaces which can support any input feed combination.

These interfaces include:
  • DVB-T for digital terrestrial signals (Free to Air or Encrypted);
  • DVB-S for digital satellite signals (Free to Air or Encrypted);
  • DVB-S HD for High Definition digital satellite signals;
  • ASI for digital encrypted satellite signals;
  • Analogue interface through composite video or s-video.
The modular design of the TripleTV system means additional servers can be added at any time to increase the number of channels available.

Digital signals are acquired as RF MPEG-2 programme streams based on customers channel line-up. The TripleTV system removes the RF layer, replaces it with IP, assigns a multicast address and distributes it over the IP network as an individual multicast stream. Channel changing is controlled via requests made to the network elements from the STB or PC client.


Administrators can access the TripleTV web based management system from any point in their network through a secure log on process. The management system provides the following capabilities:
  • Ability to determine which channels will be distributed over the network and on which multicast address;
  • Monitor any errors in channel acquisition;
  • Monitor system performance of the head-end;
  • Individual management and configuration of each interface;
  • Remote login capability for tier 2 and tier 3 support.


TripleVOD: Digital Video on Demand

TripleVOD, Tripleplay's VOD system streams high quality MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 content to a TV set via STB or PC/MAC via unicast with full video remote control functionality e.g. visual fast forward, rewind, pause and stop. A user can request, view and control (pause, stop, rewind, etc) a piece of film content at a time that suits them. Content can be controlled via an authorised log in (LDAP integration) or if a payment is required by using a PMS integration.

Supports both Standard and High Definition Content

TripleVOD can support multiple streams of either Standard Definition or High Definition. An individual VOD system can support up to 70 concurrent Standard Definition streams depending on the hardware configuration. The system is modular in its design allowing a customer to add additional servers to meet increases in demand.


The VOD system captures content access data and system usage information e.g. when a piece of content is accessed or the number of times a user presses pause. This information can be output as a CSV file and compared with the buy information held within the subscriber management system for billing or audit information. Access to the data contained within the VOD system is by a web based management system.


TripleSign: High Definition Digital Signage

Tripleplay's digital signage solution provides the ability to display a combination of video, text, images and live TV to displays via IP Set Top Boxes (STBs). By using a STB as the player device, the problems associated with a PC based solution are removed i.e operating system crashes, failure of moving parts such as hard disks and fans due to heat and dirt ingress.

The content is all stored in a central server on site, with each end device drawing on content as required, which removes the need to manage content to multiple end devices on a site, ensuring that global changes are implemented quickly and confidently.

The system can operate as a stand-alone application displaying text and images or be integrated with Tripleplay's VOD and IPTV system to provide a media rich environment for delivering a range of services including:
  • Information
  • Messages
  • Advertising
  • Corporate Branding
  • Promotions
  • Live TV
  • Recorded video.

Web based technology and HTML interfaces are used for configuration and management, providing the following features:
  • Play list creation and content scheduling control;
  • Configuration of different screen layouts to a group of devices e.g. live TV video to some screens, mixture of live TV video and tickertape;
  • Different play lists and content to individual or multiple devices, group of devices, locations and regions within a complex;
  • Support for different user profiles e.g. scheduler, content management, organisational manager;
  • Support for displaying live data feeds e.g. weather, travel information;
  • Ability to run local based promotional offers through the display;
  • Display and management of multiple content types e.g. text, tickertape, images, live video, stored video;
  • Broadcast of local information or live video feeds.
The Digital Signage solution has been designed as an additional module to enhance the value of the IPTV and VOD systems provided by Tripleplay.

TriplePlay Solution Enhancements


Building on the core system software, the solution enhancements enable a system to be configured using individual applications to meet the specific requirements of the end user.


TripleGuide: Fully Featured Programme Guide

TripleGuide is an Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) use with TripleTV. Program listings are provided for the channels available on the system for a 7 day period. The data is sourced from the information available in the program broadcast data or downloaded from a commercial source. It has been designed to run on the standard browser built into the Set Top Box (STB) so reducing the need for any third party middleware.

The TV channel grid also provides an easy user interface for using the TripleTV+ personal video recorder function. By simply pressing the red button when on a selected program the recording will be made for that user.

The following features are supported:
  • TV grid of all channels available on the system;
  • Programme information and what's on now and next;
  • Favourites;
  • Options for selecting different languages and subtitling;
  • Customisable look and feel.


In addition to the client front end, an EPG server is used to acquire and manage system information about TV programmes from a third party listings provider and for distributing the EPG templates to the STB.



TriplePlayer: Browser Based Media Player

TriplePlayer, Tripleplay's MPEG-2 software based player is only required for PCs or MACs. It has been designed to run as an ActiveX control in a web browser such as IE7 or Mozilla. The player allows access to the TripleTV, TripleVOD and TripleTV+ services and may be displayed in various screen sizes from quarter screen to full screen.

Unlike standard based video PC players, the TriplePlayer system has been designed to specifically manage changes in the quality of broadcast feeds and packet loss, making it highly resilient to climate changes and network quality issues.

The player can be controlled via buttons on the web page or by keyboard shortcuts. This flexibility allows complete branding and customisation of the "look and feel" of the video application. The ActiveX object is accessed through a web site hosted in the building, which will only be available to PCs within the local network.

The minimum system specification for a PC is:
  • 1.4 GHz Pentium III with 256MB of memory, an AGP graphics card, 20 Mbytes of disk space, and Windows 2000 or XP is required.
The recommended specification is:
  • 2.0 GHz Pentium III or higher with, 256 MB of RAM, an AGP 3D graphics card and 40MB of disk space.



TripleMux: Video and Audio Mixer

TripleMux enables the creation of a multicast stream from individual audio and video streams. The video stream can contain moving pictures, slide shows or fixed graphics, and is edited into an MPEG stream, which is then combined with the required audio feed.

By using TripleMux, blank screens are eliminated when users are listening to audio feeds from radio or stored music libraries. The video streams can also be used for the delivery of messages or general information.


TripleLive: Live Camera Feeds

TripleLive enables live camera feeds to be connected to the TripleTV system from anywhere on the LAN. The mobile device can take a feed from a camera or mixing desk which is then broadcast as a multicast channel for viewing by any of the end devices on the system, including TripleSign.

If a network connection is not available then TripleLive will store the recording as a piece of VOD content and when the device is next connected to the network, download it into the TripleVOD system for access by users.


TripleTV+: Network Based Video Recorder

TripleTV+ is an enhanced software solution which enables the recording of live TV programs. The product is available in either a User or an Administrator format. The user format is designed to work with TripleGuide and the user simply selects the program they want to record from the program information available and then presses the red button.

The program is then recorded onto the central server for the user to access later and view. In this case the recording is only accessible to the user who recorded the content.

The Administrator TripleTV+ is aimed at corporate or education users where a TV program is required to be recorded for archive and accessible to multiple users over time. In this case a web based administrator interface is provided which allows for scheduling of recordings on to the network VOD system along with associate metadata to allow for keyword and other search criteria.

TriplePlay Management Tools


A range of web based management tools provides remote control of the system set up and performance as well as content management and distribution.


TripleCare: Subscriber Management System

TripleCare, Tripleplay's subscriber management system is a web-based system for managing Set Top Boxes (STB) and PC/MAC clients, and the provision of TripleTV and TripleVOD services for an account and/or user.

End user information is provided through a customisable web front end. User and system authentication is supported by a username and password.

The system offers the following features:
  • Subscriber and user account management;
  • Parental control for users of an account;
  • Service activation and provisioning;
  • EPG customer preference information e.g. favourites;
  • Order and service package management;
  • Credit/debit card authentication and balance management;
  • Support for the creation of different service packages e.g. subscription, pay-per-view, pay-as-you-go;
  • Remote management, monitoring and service performance;
  • Web based bill management and settlement;
  • Interface into bill printing system.

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