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VTALK  - VoIP Communications


Why go VoIP?

Why should you go VoIP? Because it's awesome.

From the top - what is VoIP?

If we are to make it real simple, VoIP is the delivery of voice communications (phone calls) and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. What does that mean? Basically, VoIP is a way of using your internet connection to make phone calls - the great thing here is that there are large savings to be made!

Switching your business away from a traditional telephone system or what the Analogue folks call (PSTN or ISDN) there are great advantages to moving to vtalk and VoIP. The first and most obvious is the savings you will make on both line rental and call charges. vtalk is carrier agnostic meaning you can choose the VoIP/SIP provider that suits you and your business. Moving away from PSTN/ISDN will save your business generally 60% on line rental per month and 40% on call costs, depending on your carrier and package*

What is SIP? SIP Trunking is a business grade voice solution that ensures only the necessary amount of simultaneous calls can be made or received for your business, which eliminates those rental costs on unused copper lines (PSTN/ISDN). You’ll save even more with all your day-to-day business calls being charged at much cheaper VOIP rates.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) now in its rollout phase internet services are becoming faster & more reliable. In fact vtalk is the business test platform Internode are using for their first NBN VoIP calls!

With broadband now reaching more locations Australia wide businesses are able to take advantage of this infrastructure at a relatively low cost. For a growing number of vtalk customers, a Naked ADSL 2+ Business connection can suffice for an office of up to 10 people.This means that there is no need to pay line rental, just your ADSL 2+ data charges and your SIP service. Link to the vtalk Blueprint

Who does the vtalk suit: If your a business with under 100 staff looking for a simple to use, flexible telephone system then thats a great start. We find that the sweet spot is an Australian based small business with between 5 & 25 staff.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, from what we hear day to day here are a couple of things our customers have in common. under 25 users, offices in more than one location, staff who work from home (teleworkers), mobile staff who are constantly out on the road & need the flexibility to grow and have a platform that is flexible as their needs change.


vtalk Cool Features

Check out some of vtalk's great features and see how it can fit into your world.

Easy set up, office up in minutes
  • Anyone that can use a web browser can set up and manage a vtalk.
  • Your vtalk has been designed from the ground up to be incredibly easy to use, configure and manage - have your office online in 20 minutes.
  • vtalk demo
Inbound and out bound calls
  • The amount of calls that you can handle on your telephone system is only limited to the speed of your internet connection. Do away with traditional phone lines or work with them side by side with an adapter. VoIP lines are called channels and are scalable for your busy times, you will need the same amount of channels as you want to handle inbound calls and outbound calls simultaneously.
Transferring calls
  • Easily take and transfer calls in and out of your office. You can use your handset to see who is on the phone in the office as well as announce and transfer calls easily.
  • When a voicemail is left, it's converted to a sound file that can be listened to on any computer or on your iPhone sent as an email.
Home office Extensions
  • With a vtalk cloud subscription you can set up one click extensions on supported handsets for a home office, remote workers, contractors or even people in a different site in minutes.
Call cost savings
  • Using VoIP for your phone calls will help you save money, typically customers who switch to VoIP will save on average 30% per month on their phone bills. Easily scale the amount of lines (channels) for the times that you are busy.
Call statistics and user stats
  • Keeping track of what's going on in your business is key to understanding how to improve performance. Your vtalk gives you detailed call logs and statistics on both a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
Direct Numbers for Groups and People
  • If you do have a SIP trunk and multiple number ranges, your vtalk makes it easy to give your users and groups direct numbers.
Easy to configure Reception
  • Your reception is the face of your business and your vtalk makes it easy to get your customers in touch with the right person when they call in. You can play a welcome message before transferring calls to any extension or group (or ring a mixture of them automatically) or just have customers ring straight through.
Choice of Compatible Phones
  • You can connect any existing phones you have if they're SIP compatible, shop around for the best deals on SIP handsets or even use a softphone on a desktop or mobile devices. If it's SIP compatible, it'll work with your vtalk.
  • Out of the box, vtalk will also auto provision the following brand SIP phones:

  • Your vtalk allows you to customise the office hours on a day to day basis, or choose whether your business is open on that day. If your business is open 24/7, that's an option as well, simply disable office hours and all calls will come through to your reception regardless of the time of day or night.
Change Holidays Easily
  • At different times of the year you might not want your customers to get the same after-hours message. Your vtalk allows you to configure custom holiday times and messages that your customers will hear when they ring in.
SIP Trunking Support
  • If you currently use a SIP trunk or you're interested in getting one, vtalk is the right fit for you. Your vtalk supports SIP trunking out of the box so you can take advantage of multiple number blocks offered to you by your carrier. Simply enter your carrier details, your primary number and you're good to go, your vtalk will take care of the rest.
BYO Provider
  • The vtalk box allows you to add as many providers as you need and allows you to specifically route certain types of calls through certain carriers (least cost routing). Your vtalk also supports PSTN/ISDN or GSM carriers, all you need is a supported gateway and you're ready to get connected.
In the background updates
  • Easily take and transfer calls in and out of your office. You can use your handset to see who is on the phone in the office as well as announce and transfer calls easily.

Australian Made

  • The vtalk box is 100% designed, engineered and assembled in Australia

The vtalk Box

  • The vtalk today is powered by Ruby on Rails (we're the only people in the world running Rails in an embedded environment) with a FreeBSD back-end running on custom hardware all inside a little blue box made from aircraft-grade aluminium.
  • The vtallk box is only 158mm (W) x 157mm (L) x 28mm (H)
  • Power consumption: Max 10W (less then a light bulb)
  • No moving parts,
  • No moving parts (no noise)
  • It's green also - fully recyclable


vtalk cloud

Home Office / Cloud Extensions

Cloud Extensions with vtalk cloud are a world first. With a vtalk cloud subscription and a cloud-supported phone, you can set up a phone to work form home or anywhere in the world with a few clicks. All you’ll need to do is connect the phone to the same network as your vtalk initially, and enable vtalk cloud on the phone. Every phone call you make from you cloud extension is protected using state of the art encryption, keeping your calls private and secure.

Automatic Backup

Your vtalk box is automatically and securely backed up to vtalk’s servers each night. If disaster strikes or you need to replace your vtalk, under warranty we can send you out a new vtalk identical to right where you left off. All of your extensions, call history, ring groups and and sounds will be there. Saving your business the downtime of re-configuring a new system. vtalk cloud backup gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be protected if anything goes wrong.

Automatic Software Updates

We’re committed to making the vtalk a world-class product, a product that perfectly fits the needs of our users. Over the past few months we’ve shipped dozens of new features for our existing customers in response to their feedback. Being a vtalk cloud subscriber means your vtalk will get access to all of the new features we add with each update, and you’ll be kept in the loop on what we’re working on. We usually have four major updates per calendar year and we’ll email you to let you know what features have been added.

More to Come...

We’re working on some very awesome features for vtalk cloud that we’ll be rolling out over the next few months. We’re committed to building the best VoIP infrastructure on the planet, and with vtalk cloud that’s what you get. Rest assured, vtalk cloud gives you the confidence and security you need in your telephone system.

What you need

Here's a list of what you'll need to make your vtalk system complete.


Handsets are your way of connecting with your customers and suppliers, they help you make, receive and monitor calls from your desk. The types of handsets that you use with your vtalk will need to be SIP compatible VoIP phones to ensure compatibility.

vtalk is compatible with the following brand SIP phones:

Modem / Router

Your Modem/Router is what translates your internet connection and VoIP into a signal that your handset recognises. It’s also helps keep you secure from security threats from the outside world. Having a recommended Modem/Router will ensure your communications are secure and reliable. 


A switch is that large device that generally has lots of blue cables popping out of it. Its the device that connects all of your phones, computers and other devices to your network. it manages the traffic and ensures that each device has the right address and amount of data. Having a recommended switch well ensure your communications are optimal, expandable and reliable.


VoIP plans are what is now supplied by your ISP (Internet service provider). Lines are now called channels and having two channels is standard. Most ISP’s will charge about $10 per channel per month as opposed to having line rental at around $30 per month on traditional telephone systems. We recommend having your VoIP/SIP plan with the same provider as your Internet.

A note about service providers

vtalk’s distributors and resellers provide your business with the onsite hardware required to setup your vtalk telephone system. They can make a recommendation of who to select as a service provider (ISP/VoIP) and work with you to ensure they are a good fit for your business. Additional charges that will include your data or (Internet connection charges) per month, as well as phone calls and channels for your selected provider.

UPS - Uninterrupted Power Supply

Although not considered essential by many business owners when there is a steady power supply from utility suppliers, but if you do for t
rue on-line protection for PABX's - telephone systems, network servers, bridges, hubs, routers, workstations, storage devices and other critical equipment.

The UPS may require extended battery time to provide adequate ride-through of shorter outages, as well as enough time for a graceful shutdown of the system in the event of an extended loss of utility power.


vtalk security

At vtalk we take security very seriously, see how your vtalk keeps you safe and secure

Self Healing

Instead of being passive like traditional telephone systems, your vtalk is always actively checking its configuration and systems to make sure everything's functioning correctly. Every 10 seconds it will check it self and if something's not working correctly it can automatically fix it.

Secure Hardened BSD core

Unlike traditional telephone systems, your vtalk will automatically update itself to a new security firmware when one is available. Security is taken very seriously so all security updates are free to all of our customers regardless of whether you’re using the vtalk cloud.

No ports to open

One of the most common ways that malicious individuals detect and break into telephone systems is that traditionally they have to have ports forwarded through your network firewall. Your vtalk uses advanced network technologies to work even when you're behind a firewall without needing to forward any ports, so you're not advertising to the World Wide Web that you have a telephone system that could be hacked.

Secure extension passwords

One of the main weaknesses of existing telephone systems is easily guessed passwords for extensions. Your vtalk automatically generates 20 character alpha-numeric super-strong passwords for your extensions that are exceptionally difficult to crack. This combined with your vtalk's built-in threat detection means brute-force attacks to guess extension passwords are a thing of the past.

Built in intrusion detection and threat blocking

You'll never have to worry about your telephone system being hacked and the hackers racking up a multi-thousand dollar bill with your carrier. vtalk has built in intrusion detection and threat detection and performs complex traffic analysis on all inbound and outbound traffic, meaning it can automatically detect and block malicious access attempts.





Compare vtalk

See how vtalk shapes up against hosted and all in one competing telephone systems.

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