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Wi-Fi Alliance

Wi-Fi certified - Voice Personal VoWLAN


Wi-Fi Alliance

The Wi-Fi Alliance is a global non-profit industry association of hundreds of leading companies devoted to seamless connectivity. With technology development, market building, and regulatory programs, the Wi-Fi Alliance has enabled widespread adoption of Wi-Fi worldwide.

In 1999 several visionary leaders came together to form a global non-profit organization with the goal of driving adoption of high-speed wireless local area networking. We are that organization.

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ program was launched in March 2000. It provides a widely-recognized designation of interoperability and quality and it helps to ensure that Wi-Fi enabled products deliver the best user experience.

The Wi-Fi Alliance has completed more than 11,000 product certifications to date, encouraging the expanded use of Wi-Fi products and services in new and established markets.

Today, in every continent, one in ten people around the world use Wi-Fi at home, at work, in countless ways. Wi-Fi adoption continues to grow, and common goals still bind together more than 400 Wi-Fi Alliance member companies from dozens of countries.

The original goal of the visionary leaders that formed the Wi-Fi Alliance in 1999 has been realized, and yet the Wi-Fi Alliance is not done.

The innovation and thought leadership of the Wi-Fi Alliance continues to drive new Wi-Fi applications and products, and it continues to enrich our lives.

Wi-Fi Alliance Vision: Seamless connectivity

Wi-Fi Alliance Mission:

  • Provide a highly-effective collaboration forum
  • Grow the Wi-Fi industry
  • Lead industry growth with new technology specifications and programs
  • Support industry-agreed standards
  • Deliver great product connectivity through testing and certification


The recent final ratification of the IEEE 802.11n standard means that a last barrier to enterprises fully integrating 802.11n into their infrastructure has been removed.

Going forward, it's expected that already-robust demand for 802.11n wireless systems will increase exponentially. A primary focus at Extricom is creating "futureproofed" wireless.

This means designing products that can support any post-deployment application or network requirement without customization or physical upgrade.

With this in mind, Extricom is pleased to announce that all of its 802.11n products are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED, by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Our customers and partners can be confident their infrastructure investment will retain its value throughout the product lifecycle.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Products

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED is a program for testing products to the 802.11 industry standards for interoperability, security, easy installation, and reliability. 

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo is an assurance that the Wi-Fi Alliance has tested a product in numerous configurations and with a diverse sampling of other devices to ensure compatibility with other Wi-Fi CERTIFIED equipment that operates in the same frequency band.

The Wi-Fi Alliance network of independent test labs conducts interoperability testing programs to ensure that wireless devices work together and support secure connections.

Look for the Logo

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices carry the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo and are available through major electronics retailers. Choosing Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products allows you to mix and match devices from different manufacturers, makes setting up your network quick and easy and lets you choose the latest and greatest features and applications.

The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo is your only assurance that a product has met rigorous interoperability testing requirements to ensure that compatible products from different vendors will work together. Look for the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED logo with color-coded Standard Indicator Icons (SII) on product packaging, or search through our web site listing of CERTIFIED products before making a Wi-Fi purchase. "Do not buy any equipment that isn't Wi-Fi CERTIFIED -- you will end up tossing it." 
-- Michael Disbato, Burton Group (IT analyst firm)

Testing Programs - Core Technology & Security

There are four generations of Wi-Fi technology currently available - 802.11n is the newest. All devices that undergo Wi-Fi CERTIFIED testing are tested according to their capabilities. An overview of these generations is below:

Wi-Fi Technology

Frequency Band

Bandwidth or maximum data rate


5 GHz

54 Mbps



11 Mbps


2.4 GHz

54 Mbps


2.4 GHz, 5 GHz,
2.4 or 5 GHz (selectable), or
2.4 and 5 GHz (concurrent)

450 Mbps  


Additionally, all Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices are tested to ensure that they support robust security capabilities. WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 2) certification indicates that a device can operate with both strong security and privacy. 

Testing Programs - Optional Capabilities

Beyond core certifications, there are Wi-Fi CERTIFIED designations for devices that have undergone testing for additional capabilities:



Wi-Fi Protected Setup

Easy setup of network security using a Personal Identification Number (PIN), button, or by touching two devices together.

WMM® (Wi-Fi Multimedia)

Support for multimedia content over Wi-Fi networks by prioritizing the traffic generated by multimedia applications.

WMM Power Save

Conserves battery life while using voice and multimedia applications by managing the time the device spends in sleep mode.

Wi-Fi for Enterprise

Wi-Fi is becoming the core of enterprise networks - the current generation of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices offers the security and performance that network managers expect along with five times the throughput and twice the range of legacy Wi-Fi equipment. When combined with the increased productivity and flexibility of a mobile workforce, and the option to stage capital investments as your network grows, Wi-Fi is a compelling choice.

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED programs provide a third-party seal of approval for interoperability and security of enterprise-grade equipment. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED interoperability certificate is the definitive record of a product's testing.

What Enterprise users want today - Wi-Fi CERTIFIED

The update to the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n program released in September 2009 adds support for new optional features while preserving interoperability with hundreds of devices certified to the earlier draft-n program. The updated program expands the reach and relevance of 802.11n with features that can deliver performance across the full breadth of device profiles.

The efficiencies and enhancements in the features included in Wi-Fi CERTIFIED, combined with the quality-of-service capabilities of WMM® (Wi-Fi Multimedia) improve the quality of Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) and increase the number of simultaneous calls on the air link. 

Transmission enhancements based on MIMO (multiple input multiple output) and STBC, improve reception even for single receiver Wi-Fi phones by reducing error rates and improving range. Mission-critical enterprise applications, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) access, collaboration tools, voice and video conferencing, all benefit from the increased throughput and range while relying on the next generation security protections.

Enterprise networks benefit from the improved throughput and longer reach of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n devices.  Faster transmissions allow stations to get on and off the air more quickly.  Legacy clients in the network can benefit from better coverage provided by the 802.11n access points and they can also gain increased access as the new 802.11n devices transfer their data faster

Wi-Fi Alliance Video's

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