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Zultys ZIP 5 Series Overview

ZIP 59i IP Phone

ZIP 57i CT IP Phones

ZIP 57i IP Phones

ZIP 55i IP Phone

ZIP 53i IP Phone

ZIP 53e IP Phone

ZIP 51e IP Phone


Zultys IP Phones for Superb Sound Quality & Flexibility


Zultys ZIP 5 Series SIP Phones

The Zultys ZIP series IP phones are designed to be easy to deploy, easy to operate and enhance productivity.

With sleek and elegant designs, the carrier-class ZIP-5 series IP phones are designed to take advantage of the feature-rich Zultys family of award-winning IP-PBX platforms.

Zultys phones can be mixed and matched for various job functions and uses and inter-operate with a number of other 3rd party SIP IP phones and SIP end-points.

Each phone in Zultys' IP phone portfolio is described below. Click here to see a comparison of all the key features of the ZIP-5 series family of IP phones.


ZIP 59i Feature-rich Executive Level Color Touch Screen Gigabit IP Phone

The Zultys ZIP 59i is for the discriminating executive who wants the very best in the industry.

Featuring a high quality 5.7” full color high resolution VGA touch screen display, this stylish SIP Open Standards based phone offers an intuitive graphical user interface, 55 touch screen softkeys, full duplex wideband audio speaker and handset (for the best audio anywhere), dual Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces and extensive call management capabilities, built-in bluetooth interface and a USB port.

The ZIP 59i is fully interoperable with the Zultys MX family of award-winning IP Telephony platforms and MXIE Unified Communications desktop client.


ZIP 57i and ZIP 57i CT Full-Featured Executive Phone

The ZIP 57i is a full-featured executive phone distinguished by its large scale 144 x 128 pixel backlit display and 30 feature activation keys, 12 of which are programmable. Nine call keys provide visibility for incoming, outgoing, and held calls.

The 57i CT offers all the functionality of the ZIP 57i phone, plus an integrated cordless base, providing exceptional VoIP mobility for the busy manager. Desktop working surfaces are maximized by integrating the wireless transceiver in the phone itself.

Employing 2.4 GHz Hopped Spread Spectrum technology ensures secure communications with complete freedom of movement for the user. Compatible with either three (3) Zultys ZIP 536M or ZIP 560M Expansion Modules, these phones are well-featured for use as an operator or reception station.


ZIP 55i Exceptional Features and Value in an Advanced Featured, Expandable IP Telephone

With 6 fixed and 6 programmable function keys, the ZIP 55i is perfect for the user who needs full telephone functionality, up to 9 simultaneous call capacity, busy lamp indications, headset connectivity, and access to all system features.

The large 144 x 75 pixel backlit display enhances the user experience through intuitive menus and prompts. It is compatible with up to three (3) Zultys ZIP 536M or ZIP 560M Expansion Modules.


ZIP 53i Exceptional Value in an Entry Level, Feature Rich IP Phone

The ZIP 53i is perfect for cubicle environments or enclosed offices, and is a good fit for "power users" and low-volume users alike. It offers a 3-line/16 character LCD display, adjustable contrast, 6 programmable keys, system directory access and headset support.

The ZIP 53i connects via dual 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports and is powered via 802.3af Power Over Ethernet or a standard AC adapter.


ZIP 51e and ZIP 53e Feature Rich Entry Level IP Phones

The ZIP 51e and ZIP 53e models offer good value for the features offered by these entry-level phones.

The ZIP 51e and ZIP 53e are well-featured with a 3-line/16 character LCD display, adjustable contrast, 8 programmable keys with LEDs, up to 6 line/call appearance keys with LEDs, call log directory and local 3-way conferencing.

The ZIP 51e connects via a single 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet port and is powered only via a standard AC adaptor. The ZIP 53e connects via dual 10/100 Mbps switched Ethernet ports and is powered via 802.3af Power Over Ethernet or a standard AC adaptor (sold separately).

The ZIP 51e and ZIP 53e are ideal for light telephone use for the small and home-based business.


ZIP 2x2 High Quality Entry Level Phone That Supports Encryption

The ZIP 2x2 delivers a cost effective fully featured SIP phone.  It offers two LAN ports, two call appearances, a backlit graphical LCD, three-way conferencing, full-duplex speakerphone, encryption, power over Ethernet (PoE) deployment, multi-language menus, custom ring tones, multiple user login, built-in  Quality of Service (QoS), DND, call forwarding, mute, and redial.


ZIP 560M LCD Extension Module

The ZIP 560M Direct Station Selector expansion module provides increased visibility to enhance call processing operations for users of the ZIP phones.

The ZIP 560M provides 60 programmable keys with LED lamps for extensions and feature activation, and eliminates unsightly scratch-outs and changes thanks to its paperless LCD labeling system.

Up to three (3) ZIP 560M modules may be connected to the ZIP 55i, ZIP 57i or ZIP 57i CT phones. Like the ZIP 536M, the ZIP 536M is powered directly from its partner phone.


ZIP 536M Extension Module

The ZIP 536M Direct Station Selector expansion module is designed to increase the power and flexibility of the ZIP family of phones.

The ZIP 536M offers 36 programmable keys with LED lamps in a small footprint. Up to three (3) ZIP 536M modules may be installed on the ZIP 53i, ZIP 55i, ZIP 57i and ZIP 57i CT IP phones.

The ZIP 536M is powered directly from its partner phone, with no additional cabling required.

Technology Partners

A driving design philosophy for Zultys is to focus on our core competencies, remain compliant with open standards, and partner with those who have shown superior ability and integrity in providing complementary products and services.

In keeping with this philosophy, Zultys has forged strategic relationships with many well-known service providers, peripheral manufacturers, distribution professionals, and more.

SIP Phones
Zultys works with a number of companies that provide SIP based products. Including but not limited to:

  • Aastra
  • Cisco
  • Grandstream 
  • Hitachi
  • Kirk Wireless
  • Polycom
  • Snom
  • UniData

Peripheral Products
Zultys strives to offer the finest VoIP solutions to its VARs and customers. We have tested many complementary products to ensure complete interoperability with the MX product line. These include:

  • Cyberdata SIP enabled building paging and door entry devices
  • Epygi – ISDN and PSTN gateways
  • Linksys Gateways
  • Multi-tech - SIP-to-GSM gateways
  • Plantronics headsets
  • Phybridge analog-to-SIP deployment solutions
  • Quintum IP Gateways
  • SIP Print system-level SIP voice recording
  • SonicWALL firewall products
  • Telrex CallRex call recording devices

Operating Systems and Applications
The choice of desktop operating system varies from client to client. Even within a client’s business, multiple operating systems may be deployed at users’ desktops. Zultys has designed its products to operate across multiple operating systems and applications:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple Mac Operating Systems
  • Linux
  • Microsoft CRM, Exchange, Outlook

Third Party Phones and Peripheral Devices

The Open Standards design of the Zultys MX IP PBX system creates a powerful platform that enables clients to deploy, manage and use industry-standard SIP-based IP phones and peripherals. This frees clients from the constraint of single sourcing IP endpoints from only one manufacturer without the worry of non-compatibility and integration issues.

By supporting IP open standards, Zultys ensures that not only do Zultys IP Phones operate with the MX system, but a host of other devices, such as third party IP phones, conference room accessories, paging equipment, application servers, video phones and video conference servers are supported, as well.

Zultys own phones provide broad feature and advanced functionality support driven by SIP and other open standards. With third party devices not all advanced features can be guaranteed to work on the Zultys MX system.

Zultys updates its software continuously to enhance its interoperability with third party SIP devices. To verify interoperability and compatibility of a specific device, please contact sales@e-netsource.com.

SIP IP Phone Providers

  • Cisco
  • Snom
  • Polycom
  • Grandstream
  • ZyXel
  • Cyberdata
  • Counterpath

SIP IP DECT Cordless and WiFi Phones Providers

  • Snom
  • Hitachi
  • Dlink
  • Polycom
  • Aastra
  • Kirk Wireless
  • UniData

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